Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
  • The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.

    Venus Laowa Probe lens:
    B&H link:

    OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
    The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review:
    Viral "shooting macro" video :

    Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery
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  • Sohni Dharti Series

    Camera name please

  • nanquan491
    nanquan491  14 hours ago

    This is like a porn prop

  • WildPi
    WildPi  18 hours ago

    There should be a “Bug” counter on this video 😂

  • Andrei Istoc
    Andrei Istoc  yesterday

    Aliens are going to love this product

  • Dusan Kocic
    Dusan Kocic  yesterday

    Yea i think i got that somwhere here lemme see

  • Muhammed Adil
    Muhammed Adil  yesterday

    2:18 I see what you did there!

  • Dante Frati
    Dante Frati  2 days ago

    It looks like an anti aerial turret lol

  • Gallinstar
    Gallinstar  2 days ago

    start at 7:15

  • Al Green
    Al Green  2 days ago

    So it's waterproof and has lights at the end... whose arse is it going up first?

  • Al Green
    Al Green  2 days ago

    Is it in porn yet?

  • Christaki
    Christaki  2 days ago

    The porn industry will never be the same again

  • jonny appleseed
    jonny appleseed  3 days ago

    you need to make a video " the life of a cacaroach " and have the probe camera go inside a roach den lol

  • Super knullisch
    Super knullisch  3 days ago

    2:17 "It looks pretty wild, it's about almost a foot and a half long, just a few centimeters wide for most of the barrel.." Aaaaaand that's what she sai.. w-w-wait WHAT??

  • Al Spoz
    Al Spoz  3 days ago

    Alien memes anyone?

    REP MIDWEST  3 days ago

    Whats the music at 8:56 ?

  • L. MorningStar
    L. MorningStar  5 days ago +2

    Notbud :

    pervs : useful For Biology lessons😋

    CLASH WITH BAT  5 days ago

    this is what theyve been working on at area 51

  • Uriel Bravo
    Uriel Bravo  5 days ago

    I can finally take dick pics

  • Rexy Axy
    Rexy Axy  5 days ago

    markass brownly

  • HusnaLatif
    HusnaLatif  5 days ago

    I literally thought this was a sentry gun