Ravens Report: Not Falling for the Trap

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 9, 2019
  • Hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh, quarterback Lamar Jackson and look back on the big win over the Patriots.

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  • Cap One
    Cap One  1 months ago

    That's really cool. Harbaugh gave Lamar huge confidence boost by asking his opinion on 4th down. Lamar paid it forward to Marshall, his line veteran, by asking him. Brotherhood stuff.
    At a young age, he really gets it. Props to his mom for that.

  • Aanteatur
    Aanteatur  2 months ago +2

    The Ravens out here collecting infinity stones now🤫😈

  • Kayla Mc
    Kayla Mc  2 months ago

    I’ve watched the Ravens play for years and with Lamar, it is electrifying, you can sense it watching the games and you can just feel the atmosphere and how this team is progressing beautifully. The entire team is on complete MAYHEM MODE and I love it! It is a great time be a Ravens fan. #ravensarebeasts #mayhemmode

  • Wiskee AmazingDancer

    After watching the game I can now confirm they didn't fall for the trap.

  • lionel howell
    lionel howell  2 months ago +3


  • El Jefe Sinnaman
    El Jefe Sinnaman  2 months ago

    "Top 2, not 2." I am taking that LJ, thanks.

  • El - Amin
    El - Amin  2 months ago +1

    The Ravens ARE the TRAP!

    This team is going all the way to winning the franchises THIRD Super Bowl title!

    This team is something SPECIAL!


  • L.Sneed
    L.Sneed  2 months ago

    Me and Erin getting married

  • Norman Getsinger
    Norman Getsinger  2 months ago +1

    Lamar Jackson has so much empathy for people it's actually crazy. Might help explain why his whole team loves him so much.

  • Breezy Builds
    Breezy Builds  2 months ago +1

    I believe in this team we will win all the next games

  • D.J. Stylez410
    D.J. Stylez410  2 months ago

    I know it's probably happened before, but I never seen a teammate straight up yank the QB in the end zone.

  • Team Jesus
    Team Jesus  2 months ago

    Go ravens baby 💪

  • Aboriginal86 WARRIOR
    Aboriginal86 WARRIOR  2 months ago +3

    Anyone that has respect for Tom Brady outside of football performance on the field is a narcissist supporter he’s a grease ball his energy is a deep jealous, envious and hateful undertone but he’s like a cat with his Aura he’s racist on the sneak tip smfh

  • Emeka Emezie
    Emeka Emezie  2 months ago +2

    the host has grown on me

    SMB AHG  2 months ago +4

    8 pats disliked our vid 😂💜

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper  2 months ago +2

    She's a baddie

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown  2 months ago

    Before the game started Tom Brady met Ed Reed gave him a HUG and Said YOU ARE My kryptonite ! Out of RESPECT OR Was that A RAVENS curse ! Remember the Patriots was undefeated ? # NEVERMORE quote The RAVENS !

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown  2 months ago

    BOTH Mark Ingram And Earl Thomas played for Superbowl team Are NOW RAVENS ! I am GLAD they are HERE ! # GO RAVENS !

  • Javier Nuñez
    Javier Nuñez  2 months ago +3

    I will see the team w Texans .and we going all the way to super Bowl.
    Love from and best respect to Ravens lets go.
    From Peru .

  • Javier Nuñez
    Javier Nuñez  2 months ago

    We don't need to worry to another big wing and i love my Ravens .
    Let's go RAVENS.
    W love one INCA from Peru.