Boris Johnson Refuses To Answer Question 26 TIMES - Nick Ferrari - LBC

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • Boris Johnson refused 26 times to answer a question about when the picture of him with girlfriend Carrie Symonds was taken.

    The front pages of most of today's newspapers are of the frontrunner to be the next Prime Minister with his girlfriend sitting at a wooden table in the middle of a field.

    Nick Ferrari suggested the picture was old - judging by his haircut at the time - and asked again and again when the picture was taken. But Mr Johnson refused to answer.

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  • James McNeil
    James McNeil  1 months ago

    what a waste of 25 questions

  • Yellow Blue
    Yellow Blue  2 months ago

    Can we through away the key to this room.

  • Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs  3 months ago

    I'm afraid no matter who you are as an interviewer there is no respect anymore or those of a higher position and yourself. You live in a disgusting world when no respect is shown even to our prime Minister

  • Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war

    It looks like he is interviewing his younger brother

  • simon Thomas
    simon Thomas  5 months ago

    u family nasty barstards and no guts

  • FranticSkunk
    FranticSkunk  5 months ago

    161 Likes to 395 Dislikes 😂😂

  • James Snazell
    James Snazell  6 months ago

    @ Taz Devil if this is a broken country as you say. Then it is because of the Tories. The Tories have been in power since 2010. The buck has to stop with them.

  • James Snazell
    James Snazell  6 months ago

    Johnson is a serial liar. He relentlessly lies. He does it in part to look to manipulate the media and gain popularity by displaying a lack of fidelity to the truth in his political career. He will give a promise knowing that there is no basis to that promise being realised that it is impossible for that promise becoming reality. But he will give the promise because it is what people will want to hear so that he can win support. Saying he will give the rich a tax break knowing this will go down well with Tory members voting him to be next PM but he knows he will never deliver this promise. He uses vagueness to get himself out of being cornered when being questioned. It's the bluffers guide to debate he learnt from Oxford just wing it using a set of techniques that are time honoured to get yourself through and which will allow you to deal with any discussion whether you know a lot or nothing at all about a subject. The way to counter this is to continually to call Johnson out on his continual use of lies. To call him out on every little detail and to counter it with facts, facts, facts. The one thing Johnson doesn’t like is having the truth reflected at him he will look to squirm every which way from it.

  • James Snazell
    James Snazell  6 months ago +1

    @ Taz Devil. If Johnson cant be straight about a photo what chance is there that he will be straight about delivering Brexit and fixing this broken country. Thats what the photo has got to do with delivering Brexit. Johnson uses the same technique here that he uses regards everything just bluff your way through. To Johnson on one level its all just a game even if its a crash course. To counter this you have to call him out on every little detail constantly which is what Nick Ferrari is doing. You have to expose and highlight every lie and counter it with fact and continually use fact. Johnson has always look to con people whether it was his writing two letters on the eve of the Brexit vote one in support of and one against or whether it is about a photo being leaked to the press. You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Not even Johnson can fool all the people all of the time.

  • Callum Fraser
    Callum Fraser  6 months ago


  • piotr kamieniak
    piotr kamieniak  6 months ago

    I am definitely supporting Boris Johnson, Nick Ferrari is a ZERO

  • Massamba DEBA
    Massamba DEBA  6 months ago

    Boris! A genius!

  • greyasagoat
    greyasagoat  6 months ago

    I very much doubt that Johnson has ever taken responsibility for the harm he causes even once in his life. The perfect example of the worst of the establishment elites that Brexit is alleged to be against. Promoting no deal even though he knows full well it would destroy his own country.

    A sociopathic spoilt brat who has never grown up - and that's what we have as a potential prime minister.

  • TomaCukor
    TomaCukor  6 months ago +1

    Farage should be the interviewer.

  • o p
    o p  6 months ago

    How can all the people here saying things like 'it's only a picture - so what?' not see that it's very important to discover how manipulative and dishonest it was of Boris Johnson to allow an old photo to be issued in order to try to calm down a row about his private life?

  • Catrina Deeley
    Catrina Deeley  6 months ago

    Why the morbid curiosity about Boris’s private life? It’s has nothing to do with the leadership campaign Nick Fararri was just wasting everyone’s time. Very poor interviewer he’s too bias wants only to dig up dirt.

  • Greattobeadub Ireland

    Pathetic Johnson. I pity the British people.

  • Guillaume Feldman
    Guillaume Feldman  7 months ago

    Nick Ferrari and the like - stop this intrusive and rude interviewing technique. Let politicians have their own lives and focus on the job they do.

  • LotusCharm
    LotusCharm  7 months ago

    Please someone, anyone, save us from Boris Johnson!

  • Spiritual Anarchist
    Spiritual Anarchist  7 months ago

    .. The next P.M ladies & gentlemen: 'euhmm..I can't euhmm...all sorts of..hmmm'