Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 3

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 18, 2018
  • This rebuild is like no other! We are digging in and finding out what its going to take to rebuild this rare 2014 Dodge Viper TA. With only 93 of these Vipers ever made you can only imagine what the price of parts are going to cost. Piece by piece, we are starting to get together a list of parts as the bill quickly racks up. Follow along and see what happens next!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Rafael Malagoli
    Rafael Malagoli  9 months ago +304

    Most carbon fiber composites use epoxy's on their composition, so if there isn't any cracks on the areas that need repairs, you should only make a resin build up to fill those areas.. and since it is painted, you just sand the resin high spots and later use epoxy primers to make a smooth finish before painting. If the carbon fiber is cracked, I would make the repairs form the inside first using a 200gr cloth with the same pattern, blending with the original mesh on the inner hood, than go over the cracks from the outside with a dremel and fill them up with carbon fiber or even fiberglass filler, just need to be epoxy based.. than sand the high spots, primer, and paint!... simple as that!

  • 9T2
    9T2  9 months ago +205

    Since he wears glasses now I will call him “Professor OEM”

  • Bunsen Honeydew
    Bunsen Honeydew  9 months ago +215

    Hey fellas,
    I like your channel, I’ve been following since the end of the Mustang build. It’s great that you’re rebuilding a Viper. I was one of the three guys that ran the ASC plant that painted the body sets for the third gen Viper. I was the manufacturing engineer and facilities manager there. I’ve been to Conner Ave Plant many times, where they assemble them. The car you’re working on now wasn’t painted by ASC. They are now defunct. The color of that car was first painted at our plant, though. It’s a nice color, though the paint was a high bake for all the vipers back then. It oven cured at around 325 degrees. Blending didn’t happen. We sanded down the panels for repaint and sent them through again. The fenders and quarters are RRIM plastic (reinforced reaction injection molded). The front and rear fascias (or, fasciae), pronounced fay-shuhz (or, fay-shee-i) are made of unreinforced reaction injection molded plastic, or just RIM. The exhaust shields, or rocker panels, are just stamped aluminum. The heat shielding on the inside is standard factory for all Vipers. Dodge fought that heat buildup in the foot wells for years because no one wanted to give up the side-pipes. Most vipers have SMC (sheet molded compound, like fiberglass) hoods and doors, though it appears that your vehicle has a carbon fiber hood. The deck lid is the same, was SMC, but yours seems to be CF.
    The cars are assembled at the Conners plant, it looks like a dune buggy. It’s all tube frame welded in a sort of Comau framing machine, and then the body panels are hung on it. It’s interesting to watch. The Conner folks have a VERY high standard for paint. On a 1-10 scale, our contract required a 7 or above finish. That’s far above production line standards. The Conners QC folks drove us to 9-10 finishes on a regular basis. We fought it every step, but the customer wins. You’ve got a special car there. I wish you the best. Im sure, as you always say, you’ll “get a good dill” on all your replacement parts. I’ve got more info on the Viper, not as an owner, but as a production parts supplier, if you need some info.

  • S S
    S S  9 months ago +129

    Goonsquad do you have a large shop air compressor? If not I will send you one as a gift with some power air tools

  • mn3nesh
    mn3nesh  9 months ago +31

    man they have worked so hard on the suspension and they did whats best to it , get the OEM suspension for your safety and the originality of the car

  • juank rajo
    juank rajo  9 months ago +183

    If you guys would have done a full 360 it would have stay the same as it is now

  • Back 2 Life
    Back 2 Life  9 months ago +55

    “Got a tire pump right here. I’m surprised it’s not carbon fiber” 💀😂💀😂 y’all are too much bro hahaha!!

  • Garrett Hensley
    Garrett Hensley  9 months ago +45

    You didn't have to do a 180. You could have just parked it in the other bay

  • Tom.H
    Tom.H  9 months ago +20

    i love the fact they film the videos with an iphone

  • King Helmer
    King Helmer  4 months ago +4

    if a 360 would have been that hard, try a 180 next time :D

  • Legend McElveen
    Legend McElveen  9 months ago +7

    I found the owner of the Viper his name is Paul 😥😥

  • Mustang860
    Mustang860  9 months ago +16

    Somebody must have this accident on film...

  • RestoredSparda
    RestoredSparda  9 months ago +11

    Best content on YouTube.

  • Wee Man
    Wee Man  9 months ago +11

    I can’t enjoy this video due to the lack of Thomas content. I’ll be back when the kitty comes back.

  • Bruningable
    Bruningable  9 months ago +2

    That's one awesome looking orange Mopar. A modern General Lee... And since it had obviously been jumped in the past - JUMP IT! :-D

  • Hoss Hydraa
    Hoss Hydraa  9 months ago

    God I love this color.
    Edit: I'm also glad y'all are keeping it!

  • Dillon Silcott
    Dillon Silcott  9 months ago +7

    that color will also have more value because it will be original but also looks really good

  • Matthew Heinrichs

    Great Videos makes me want to hit Auctions and do a rebuild

  • H&P Customs
    H&P Customs  9 months ago +98

    This viper rebuild is going to blow your channel up, I’m pretty sure this has never been done on video.

  • lynn burson
    lynn burson  9 months ago +3

    sweet A$$ car ..... :-)