What If We Drained The Mariana Trench?

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 5, 2019
  • What If We Drained The Mariana Trench?
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    The Mariana trench is the deepest natural trench in the world, located in the western pacific ocean, around 200 kilometers east of the Mariana islands. Its maximum known depth is 10 thousand 984 meters, but some measurements put its deepest point at 11 thousand 034 meters. That is deep. So deep, that If you stuck mount Everest inside of it, the tip of the mountain would still be 2 kilometers under water. We don’t know a lot about what lies inside the Mariana trench, but what if we somehow drained it? What exactly would we find? That’s the question we’re asking right now on Life’s Biggest Questions.

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  • Anna Koning
    Anna Koning  7 days ago


  • Her Mozart
    Her Mozart  7 days ago

    Get India out of Guam, and Singapore. They are gonna kill the area. Japan needs to be put in jail. They are dumping Fukushima in there and the U.S.A. is playing a dangerous game of how far they can go using nuclear powered submarines to travel in the water.... isn't that like dumping? Do airplanes dump?

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz  1 months ago

    We'll find spongebob.

  • itenshi
    itenshi  1 months ago +1

    I believe that the mariana trench holds all the boogers you flick off your hand and cant find anymore

  • Whyyoureadingmyname
    Whyyoureadingmyname  1 months ago

    If it was drained I would finally find my goldfish

  • Gaurav Mohapatra
    Gaurav Mohapatra  2 months ago +1


  • Blaze Zurek
    Blaze Zurek  2 months ago

    That big blue hole wasn’t the Mariana Trench


    what if NASA already explored the ocean and they are trying to get away from it?...

    please help it keeps me up at night

  • the gaming cannil
    the gaming cannil  2 months ago

    If the trach was drind you would probably find the kracken if it was real

  • lol_ F4
    lol_ F4  2 months ago

    If we drain it we’ll find tupac alive

  • Mark
    Mark  2 months ago

    Just download a gta mod

  • Hgg Gggav
    Hgg Gggav  2 months ago

    These people should change there name to 3AM thoughts tbh

  • doublenottspy
    doublenottspy  2 months ago

    What If We Drained The Mariana Trench? You find a lot of dead fish

  • ꧁𓊆ꢲꢔ꣐Ⴢꢧ꣐ꛤꢲ𓊇

    Who else was here from the click bait

  • Maria Formosa
    Maria Formosa  2 months ago

    i think we’d find the supposedly extinct megladon

  • Rehaan
    Rehaan  2 months ago

    The eco balance will be disturbed which could lead to a big big disaster. So its very bad idea near me. If you agree thumbs up please.👍

  • Senpai From The Sky
    Senpai From The Sky  2 months ago

    0:37 BOW

  • Yuh it's me
    Yuh it's me  2 months ago

    Pinocchios nose wouldn't grow. Eventually later on he will make a lie making his nose grow. So if he said his nose would grow it wouldn't be a lie

  • Paddy Walsh
    Paddy Walsh  2 months ago

    What if we drained the Mariana Trench? No fish left maybe

  • LyricalPanda
    LyricalPanda  2 months ago

    The water around it would fill it back in( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)