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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
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    REACT  a years ago +369

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  • Mayur Valvi
    Mayur Valvi  a years ago +1397

    Not a dirty mind but a sexy imagination xD

  • Suikey Shirasu
    Suikey Shirasu  a years ago +700

    "first of all, what got my attention was her shoes. WHAT IS THAT?"
    She got her priorities sorted out.

  • P M Delicious Its me
    P M Delicious Its me  a years ago +642

    “Boi you look like you’re getting reborn”

  • Wynaut Videos
    Wynaut Videos  a years ago +180

    What is long and white?
    The Starbucks line

  • olivia
    olivia  a years ago +376

    “I hope my mom doesn’t watch this episode.” 😂

  • Emma
    Emma  a years ago +556

    Morgan has always been my favorite

  • stanley weezy
    stanley weezy  a years ago +713

    6:10 WHAT ARE THOSE?!!

  • gags gags
    gags gags  a years ago +123

    6:10 "what first caught my attention are her shoes. wHAT IS THAT!?!?!?!"

  • Sheri
    Sheri  a years ago +285

    Ever pic was dirty to me. I need help.

  • jiwo bawono
    jiwo bawono  a years ago +210

    Damn, Morgan is so Hot. And Tom, and Labib... I'm questioning my sexuality right now. 🤔.

  • Tom Needham
    Tom Needham  a years ago +46


  • Army Life
    Army Life  a years ago +132

    I need help!!! XD i have a very dirty mind for my age this is not ok xD

  • M Power
    M Power  a years ago +67

    Honestly nowadays who doesn't have a dirty mind LOL

  • Dan Black
    Dan Black  a years ago +112

    2:45 - Brother Truckers!

  • Kristin Gill
    Kristin Gill  a years ago +34

    I spotted everything dirty before I spotted anything correctly..

  • Santiago Mendoza
    Santiago Mendoza  a years ago +16

    I dont have a dirty mind, im just a good observer

  • Kian Schwarz
    Kian Schwarz  a years ago +23

    Have someone idc react to X for one last time as a tribute to him and his amazing career

  • Brandman19
    Brandman19  a years ago +36

    Have parents react to x again but tell them what just happened

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie  a years ago +34

    I love how she points out the shoes