Cris Carter reacts to T.O.'s Hall of Fame speech | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • In his discussion on Terrell Owens's Pro Football Hall of Fame speech, Cris Carter shares a message to T.O. after deciding not to attend the Hall of Fame weekend.

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    Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

    Cris Carter reacts to T.O.'s Hall of Fame speech | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright


  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    What do you think about T.O.'s Hall of Fame speech?

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler  7 days ago

    the blonde is pretty

  • Margie Chambers
    Margie Chambers  1 months ago

    It did

  • Haniel Bey
    Haniel Bey  2 months ago

    This should be a lesson for any employee learn the core values of a company b4 you join and hold them to it! The media will always spin it the way they see fit. Obviously T.O. New what the core valuves was that why he brought it up

  • Rodney Brown
    Rodney Brown  2 months ago

    Nick Wright is bad at this..& seems spineless & weasely. Harsh..I know.

  • bayonne bayonne
    bayonne bayonne  3 months ago

    They didn't select him first ballot but he deserved to be first ballot

    Saying that he should just accept it is wrong
    Why not address the problem in the voting process rather than just accepting it as a fact of life!

  • Jewel Clark
    Jewel Clark  4 months ago


  • LEO foe lyfe
    LEO foe lyfe  6 months ago +1

    a bunch of hating this man decided to step up and call out the hall of fame for the stuff they did to him and to others now if you say what he did was wrong then you crazy specaily if your a black man who supported social movements that help blacks live a better life

  • Tai Tooala
    Tai Tooala  6 months ago +1

    This two guys they don't know what they are talking about 😂. Cr

  • blackroc01
    blackroc01  6 months ago

    Yoooooo chris called ya boy T.Hoe lol🤣

  • Jdub
    Jdub  7 months ago +1

    TO is such a baby. If you do him wrong he will never forget that and he'll never forgive you.

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks  7 months ago

    If the hall of fame is based on stats T.O. Should already be in there.

  • stephen karmichael
    stephen karmichael  8 months ago

    Chris Carter... T.O. was not protesting for you. He was protesting on how bias the writers are.

  • stephen karmichael
    stephen karmichael  8 months ago

    Hall of Fame is high school politics for the writers. Sorry Jerry Rice.

    DADDY HO  10 months ago +1

    Baloney, if the Hall Of Fame, have bylaws, for any former professional athlete, to be enshrine; then it would be written, in their bylaws. These guys, are way off base. Chris, you should be a shame of yourself. I can see, the other guy, turning on TO. What are the written bylaws Chris, in the Hall Of Fame? I'm not concern, what the Hall Of Famers, opinions are. What is the Hall Of Fame Bylaws, in writing, in regards to requirement, for former NFL player, to make the Hall Of Fame? Present that Chris. Shannon Sharp, is a Hall Of Famers and he said, what the requirements, to be selected, in the Hall Of Fame. He did not say any of what you and Nick, are talking about. Chris, is doing PR work and Nick is upset because TO shun the Hall OF Fame because of them, allowing those sports writers, to make up, to have more influence, when TO Stats, prove them wrong. Plenty of NFL players, had major issues, with the law; off the field, as players. TO, never been arrested, never abuse women and was never charge, for doing so. See, those sports writer, should not have moved the post because they do not like TO.

  • hr1meg
    hr1meg  11 months ago +1

    T.O. not being there DID change things, - EVERYBODY was talking about it. Nuff said.

  • Rodney Lattany
    Rodney Lattany  a years ago

    Terrell Owens is the most lethal wide receiver gladiator in the history of the Eagles franchise even at age 45 he can do damage warriors battle i think the Eagles organization should bring this man back on the roster to finish what he started obtaining a Superbowl championship Redemption and the Resurrection and exclamation point on his Legacy.allow him to finish what he started just like we gave Nick Foles that opportunity. He's battle tested as is this team. He's not done yet neither is this team let's reunite our eagle's family and prepare for battle together

  • Dre Malcolm
    Dre Malcolm  a years ago

    T.O made his choice. Get over it

  • Alexander Aggadi
    Alexander Aggadi  a years ago

    They are really dumb.

  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan  a years ago

    He celebrated the HOF on his own terms......can't y'all leave it at that?