Relatable Comedy Is The Death Of Comedy

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 7, 2017
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  • Mina veselinovic
    Mina veselinovic  9 hours ago

    It’s hard to fall asleep SOMETIMES
    No! It’s always hard to fall asleep!
    Totally not making this comment at 11:24 pm

  • That Kid
    That Kid  10 hours ago

    Do car commercials

  • Ya Nan
    Ya Nan  15 hours ago

    Omg guys my fav math is meth

  • Matthew Abbott
    Matthew Abbott  yesterday

    if you are British you might say maths

  • curlyhorns
    curlyhorns  yesterday

    Ah hahah, I do that

  • Mallory Williams
    Mallory Williams  yesterday

    i like homework

  • Beatnik
    Beatnik  yesterday

    Wait...did Baby Drew really not know that British people call mathematics "maths"?

  • Jeff The Mega Moose

    Did anyone else see him change genious to genius

  • Lesley Chance
    Lesley Chance  2 days ago


  • ItzKayla
    ItzKayla  2 days ago

    If it's a meme a soccer mom would post on Facebook it's not a good meme

  • Christina Rankin
    Christina Rankin  2 days ago

    australians have maths class 😳

  • Alcer The Demon
    Alcer The Demon  3 days ago +1

    “I want to die”

    “Haha same”

  • Epic Horse Legs
    Epic Horse Legs  3 days ago

    in the uk we actually say maths instead of math most of the time 😳😳

  • Gacha Dragon
    Gacha Dragon  3 days ago +2

    .o. Who else pets their dog?!?!

    no one.....? Just me.

  • Foggy Mist
    Foggy Mist  3 days ago

    The only relatable thing I can think of right now is putting something in your username doesn’t make it true

    You can call yourself comedy, and it doesn’t make your “jokes” anymore funny which is impressive because the standard is set pretty low

  • aish
    aish  3 days ago


  • aish
    aish  3 days ago

    when drew realizes that he spelled genious wrong and changes it to genius

  • theokay lamp
    theokay lamp  4 days ago

    Omg does anyone just like trip sometimes. Wow I'm so crazy and quirky. ONLY I COULD DO THIS LOL NO ONE ELSE. ;))))

  • ellieleat
    ellieleat  4 days ago

    5:17 , as a Brit, I feel very attacked lol

  • Katie Licheni
    Katie Licheni  5 days ago

    Drew people say maths instead of math in other countries but anyway good video 👍