Relatable Comedy Is The Death Of Comedy

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 7, 2017
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  • khade
    khade  5 months ago +4260

    Omg who else needs oxygen to live?
    Just me...? Ok...

  • Claudia
    Claudia  5 months ago +3349

    Everyone in England says Maths. Short for Mathematics, plural.

  • Angela Megroff
    Angela Megroff  4 months ago +1617

    When you breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide 🤪😤(does anyone else do this? Or am i the only one ☝️😆)

  • HeatherAlicia9109
    HeatherAlicia9109  4 months ago +2465

    There are extra layers to the “vitamin sea” meme. Sea—pirates. Pirates used to get scurvy. A manifestation of scurvy is jaundice— yellow skin (minions).. scurvy is treated with vitamin c.

  • Losshe
    Losshe  a years ago +6008

    When he said "You're not quirky. You're not special", it reminds me of those people in the comment section that say:" Am I the only one who_____(insert generic opinions)?
    I hate those comments. Like yeah right out of 7 billion people in the world you're the only one who thinks like this. You're so special and genius.
    That being said, am I the only one who hates those people?

  • Mule The Donkey
    Mule The Donkey  4 months ago +880

    Call me quirky and a special butterfly, but I like to inhale and then exhale 12-20 times a minute.

  • Nat
    Nat  2 months ago +221

    someone: writes 'Maths'
    Americans: triggered

  • N DiPasquale
    N DiPasquale  28 days ago +126

    Minion quotes: I survive on food and water
    40 yr old suburban women: HAHAHAHAAHAHA🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jademonas S2
    Jademonas S2  2 months ago +833

    I never knew what a trigger word/phrase was
    until i heard "facebook mom minion memes"

  • Gacu001
    Gacu001  5 months ago +730

    Your hairdo is precious from the front, and a sin from the side.

  • Animeislife
    Animeislife  6 months ago +476

    the minion ones are the kinda „memes“ my parents would send in the family chat

  • stan talent stan blackpink
    stan talent stan blackpink  3 months ago +445

    I liked, subscribed, and wrote this comment with my elbow.
    edit: by the way, 80% can't do this, but 90% can

  • Caroline Mc evoy
    Caroline Mc evoy  6 months ago +250

    Drew making fun of "maths" makes me feel like he's coming for everyone in the UK and Ireland

  • frankwaymustdie
    frankwaymustdie  a years ago +1379

    this entire video is literally just an extended version of the "hahaha I do that" vine

  • That guy mitch
    That guy mitch  3 months ago +57

    “Comedians usually make jokes that people can relate to, like sex...”
    Me: haha yeah yeah

  • bored
    bored  4 months ago +282

    It took me until the end of the video to realize that the “triple tap the like button to save memes!” meant saving the memes to your Instagram and not rescuing them from impending doom

  • Leah Howard
    Leah Howard  5 months ago +124

    'maths' is English, 'math' is American.
    Did you know that the reason why words are spelt differently in American English (colour becomes color, favourite becomes favorite) is that it was cheaper for American newspapers to print fewer letters!

  • Ruth Manning
    Ruth Manning  2 months ago +203

    1% thoughtful, interesting comment
    5% ha ha it went from genious to genius
    94% OMG in EUROPE it’s MATHS

  • InsolubleToaster
    InsolubleToaster  3 months ago +89

    so, wait, you're telling me that if someone read me the meme, "i need vitamin c," and didn't explain it was actually, "vitamin sea," then I would need, "vitamin see?"

  • Anyu Min
    Anyu Min  3 months ago +237

    Maths isn't wrong with British English though.
    MathematicS = MathS