I found the love of my life...She didn’t.

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • "Please give me a moment to clear my head."
    Album: w00ds - Lost Souls [4 tracks]

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    00:01 1. In my head
    02:25 2. Japan
    05:17 3. Lost soul
    07:57 4. Our of love

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  • Dason Kingore
    Dason Kingore  1 months ago

    Im happy at school... at home... but im sad when im alone.. I dont want to be alone

  • İlkay Köse
    İlkay Köse  1 months ago

    Just wish..

  • Ив Ив
    Ив Ив  2 months ago

    yes.... true...

  • Endymion766
    Endymion766  4 months ago

    I chose the path of love and friendship so clearly marked but saw not where it lead, and now find myself walking alone and naught but gray ahead.
    Was my choice a true choice at all? Or was it no more than a coin-tossing fall?
    Fate decided, not on the efforts alone, but rather on false signs provided.

  • downbey 258
    downbey 258  4 months ago

    "I hope you found what you wanted in him.' What the, any guy who dwells on a girl like that is an idiot.

  • uGhost
    uGhost  5 months ago

    So true

  • lofi and rain
    lofi and rain  5 months ago +1

    thanks for this!

  • Kenny Amon
    Kenny Amon  5 months ago +8

    Title hits a little too close to home

  • Joe Le Gud
    Joe Le Gud  6 months ago +23

    I'm pretty convinced at this point that my life is a one man journey

  • Musicboxlisten
    Musicboxlisten  6 months ago +1

    Cool Mouzon keep up the good work!

  • Dream C O B A I N
    Dream C O B A I N  6 months ago +1

    "She will one day friend, You just happened to find yours a bit sooner than expected...But I won't talk much. You probably have a lot on your mind so, I'll let you clear your head..."

  • i knew from the start it was never gonna be me

    Music just great👌

  • Chilled Cat Music
    Chilled Cat Music  6 months ago

    Nice song! ♥️😻

  • ChefHeisca Trigg
    ChefHeisca Trigg  6 months ago +2

    Most wont.

    Walking, where to who cares. Alone, those on the way pass by without effect it seems.

  • chiara caniati carlucci
    chiara caniati carlucci  6 months ago +9

    Life is so weird...I felt in love with a boy,30 years ago,then the long engagement,and a wonderful marriage. A hot honeymoon, the birth of our daughter....then you realize as the years go by...that things had changed,and you and him still care for each other but the passion and the hot love turned into friendship. The most difficult thing is to explain to your worried teenage daughter that this didn't happened because of her,it's not her fault....the divorce. "We still love you a lot,darling,nothing too beautiful last too long in this life,apart our love for you ."...... And,at the end...I lost a husband,I found a friend. Wrote this listening to this nice song. Good luck and good life to you all from a random "old lady ". " If tonight you will cry,tomorrow morning the sun will dry your tears....believe me! " :-*

  • Carol L. Nascimento
    Carol L. Nascimento  6 months ago +2

    so good. so sad. so true. I really love this mix.

  • Aisuru Ramonto
    Aisuru Ramonto  6 months ago +5


  • w00ds
    w00ds  6 months ago +2


  • Mitch Capps
    Mitch Capps  6 months ago +2

    it's difficult to take it's measure. i do worry for those who were in my life in love. we're not in touch out of necessity. i'm married now to a gracious woman. I trust God for those i've hurt and pray. i am crippled with guilt at times, but trust. i realize this is a little generic. i was told i could never be a true writer/poet because i'm not willing to be entirely vulnerable with the populace at large. i guess that's true. so here's my half hearted attempt to speak on this matter.

  • Starlord101
    Starlord101  6 months ago +3

    See the black clouds behind the house , that's depression