Inside Lucid Air: The Future of Luxury?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 9, 2017
  • Lucid Air - A closer look at a futuristic luxury electric 0.0

    Lucid Air Announcement video:

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  • Thabo Phumlani Ngcobo

    My intuition is telling me that I’m yours-J Cole

  • TheNewGeneration 2016

    That Prius at the start of the vid looks so sexy

  • TwistenTiger
    TwistenTiger  2 days ago

    The one car you never wanna call shotgun

  • ModernXMade83
    ModernXMade83  2 days ago

    Oh what happened to this car. Such high hopes

  • Edward Andrade
    Edward Andrade  6 days ago

    Since Tesla is out first it makes it a "copy". For any claims they make this car is still<-- a prototype.

  • sphinx7676
    sphinx7676  7 days ago

    I think this car is shit.. toy for kids to play.. world need electric cars but not this toys

  • Ratrix
    Ratrix  7 days ago +1

    Her at 3am: “Hey big head. Wyd?”
    Me: 4:53

  • dishi malhan
    dishi malhan  7 days ago

    Crack ur windshield and be ready to pay $$$

  • Vladimir Ladev
    Vladimir Ladev  7 days ago

    Like Elon MUsk said it is hard to make an electric car but it is 100 harder to make a factory that can supply the demand. And they are the first company to go in mass manufacturing vehicles in 100 years, so lucid air as cool as it is may be just that AIR

  • Rishon Jeegan
    Rishon Jeegan  7 days ago

    I was planning to get Tesla but after this video I change my mind

  • dodid0
    dodid0  14 days ago

    Guess it didn't pan out

  • Olórin The Wonderer

    All they need now is a tv.

  • Dan Sheetz
    Dan Sheetz  14 days ago

    I think the price this car will be $150k dollars

  • Cedric Hampton
    Cedric Hampton  21 days ago

    This is sweet

  • servent
    servent  21 days ago

    is the glass safe in terms of accidents ? is it thick idk.

  • Debaditya Chatterjee

    I get that MKBHD here is a tech reviewer and thus reviewed it as any other piece of consumer electronics, but this is after all a car, so was hoping to hear how it actually drives and handles; you know, how a car should be reviewed.

  • Luke Heyes
    Luke Heyes  21 days ago

    The back looks like a dodge charger

  • Nick Daroll
    Nick Daroll  21 days ago

    i hate this design

  • Assdhy Lolowang
    Assdhy Lolowang  21 days ago

    Does the back seat has a massage option to massage your back?

  • Professor Y
    Professor Y  21 days ago

    Companies selling cars like this for example Rivian and Lucid Motors tend to fail. When they say a thousand horse power I find it too good to be true. For now I’ll wait to see if they will have their ideal version