Everton v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/6/19 | NBC Sports

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019


  • Chris Han  5 months ago

    pickford hates stoppage time

  • Michael Akowuah  5 months ago

    Everton defended far better than arsenal in this match.

  • Kalela  5 months ago

    They should. They have better defenders. Huddersfield probably has better defenders than Arsenal.

  • Dgnius Makileven  5 months ago

    Michael Akowuah cuz Everton defenders are better than Arsenal’s

  • no bitch nibbas s  5 months ago

    The first thing i noticed was how clean the pitch is

  • Kevin Calderon  5 months ago

    Oh yeah!

  • Communist 111  5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Garry Richardson  5 months ago

    How can linesman spot the Leroy sane of sides but not Milner cheating basterd

  • theordinaire  5 months ago

    @Garry Richardson he was watching lallana on the line to make sure the ball didnt go out of play

  • ManLike Derek  5 months ago

    sane wasnt off sides. there was a defender lagging behind the rest of the line. he was on

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth  5 months ago

    NBC got that 10 mins right on the dot so they could get that ad in lol

  • T222  5 months ago

    Is that how it works? I got YouTube premium and an ad blocker on the computer so

  • pfl95  5 months ago

    @The Minimalist Lifestyle I paid for YT Red so I'm basically a sucka

  • Jake Sully  5 months ago

    8:18 Fernandinho steps on B.Silva's foot during celebration!! that was a bit odd and funny incident right there!

  • Noe Donis  5 months ago

    Man City in first place, and Liverpool *slipping* up again in the Premier League. Why am I not surprised

  • HARSHDARSH lopez yea but city is a better side and if they don’t slip up Liverpool will

  • elsonlam  5 months ago

    It depend on how the CL goes. City may favor the CL over EPL because they have won the EPL multiple times in the past few years but disappointingly underperform at the CL years after years. Liverpool may be desperate to win the EPL because it has never won the EPL in its current format (founded in 1992). And let's be honest here. Bayern, Barca, and Juventus have no competition in their domestic leagues. They can concentrate on the CL, which would make live harder for English clubs having to fight 2 wars.

  • 29eadae  5 months ago

    8:19 poor bernardo

  • Alex Kim  5 months ago

    Otamendi faking🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Garry Richardson  5 months ago

    @Marco Polo he kicked the grounded mo salah dives

  • Thę Architeçt  5 months ago

    Salah dives

  • Ruthvik Kadam  5 months ago

    Everton fans will cheer the loss

  • Kayne Young  5 months ago

    Ruthvik Kadam it’s mainly cos we are so bad this year