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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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  • Dobre Brothers
    Dobre Brothers  a years ago +4075

    Hope you enjoyed the video, Dobre Army!

  • Dora Villagrana
    Dora Villagrana  7 months ago +85

    Just put hot water and it will melt

  • Strawberry’s Place
    Strawberry’s Place  3 months ago +51

    I love that he’s sneaking into HIS OWN HOUSE 🤣

  • Poopoobear 95
    Poopoobear 95  4 months ago +92

    Darius: gets glass container out...
    Let's freeze it with this
    Me: uhm ok that glass is gonna break though
    ~3 hours later~
    Glass is broken
    Me: HA IM SMRT 2+2=45 YASSSSS lolol

  • Dog drinks Coke
    Dog drinks Coke  6 months ago +28

    Darius: feed it to the dog)cyrus and let it pop it out HECK NOO)😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zain Riasat
    Zain Riasat  6 months ago +78

    Cyrus “I really have to protect this with my life guys”
    Me: Then why u freezing the ring

  • Michael Mifsud
    Michael Mifsud  7 months ago +51

    You can still see paint on the garage door

  • Louis Moran
    Louis Moran  4 months ago +75

    This is fishy
    Fishy needs water turn the like button blue for water

  • Jada Brown
    Jada Brown  7 months ago +22

    Why would you sneak into your own hose????

  • Ariel williams
    Ariel williams  6 months ago +133

    Daruis needs a girl,he deserves one😄😄😄😘

  • Awilda King
    Awilda King  7 months ago +15

    At the beginning of the video Lol😂

  • Anne Macpeak
    Anne Macpeak  3 months ago +12

    I feel so bad for you Christina! I would be mad but you played it cool.

  • Janetifibbadbby Fieldsend
    Janetifibbadbby Fieldsend  7 months ago +172

    Plz can I have a like because it's my birthday in 2 days

  • Kittys vs puppys Rainbow

    Mabey put the ice cube in hot water??

  • p-sycho punk
    p-sycho punk  2 months ago +10

    Cyrus: what you doing??
    Darius: trying to show the ring for thumbnai 🤣

  • Amanda panda
    Amanda panda  3 months ago +8

    7:08 through 7:10 Darius laugh made me laugh how the way he did it

  • Grace Bouthot
    Grace Bouthot  4 months ago +8

    Cyrus: “ I have to protect this with my life”
    Me: “ Then why are you freezing it?!”

  • Asha PH
    Asha PH  4 months ago +22

    I would make him blow it until it melts as revenge😈😈

  • Ariana Petrosyan
    Ariana Petrosyan  3 months ago +7

    It cracked bc you don't put glass in a really cold place 😂

  • Mia Simpson
    Mia Simpson  4 months ago +14

    Darius and Marcus casually flossing in the back ground. 👍🏻🤪 Nice flossing you are way better than me. 😩