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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • As the battle to become Prime Minister enters its final sage, you can ask Boris Johnson your questions on LBC.Get involved in the debate by calling Boris on 0345 60 60 973.You can also text 84850 or tweet @LBC using #AskBoris.Make sure you never miss a single word of our world-leading discussion by subscribing here out more about how to listen along and join in the conversation at is not your ordinary talk radio stream. LBC is the leading YouTube channel for live debate around the news and current affairs. We have live interviews and debates and you can even phone in to join in the conversation.


  • Steven Downey
    Steven Downey  2 months ago +371

    Nick Ferrari is normally a good interviewer but who cares about Boris' haircut, what the hell was Nick thinking wasting time like this. And kept interrupting him. Absolutely appalling interview!

  • Jim NPC Jim
    Jim NPC Jim  2 months ago +474

    I would have preferred some tough questions on Brexit than nonsense published by the dirty, dirty smear merchants.

  • Super Steve
    Super Steve  2 months ago +88

    Nick, I couldn't give a s*** about his personal life!!
    What will he do as Prime Minister. Ask some proper questions!

  • Ashley Scott
    Ashley Scott  2 months ago +49

    The first 10 minutes of that barrage was more than I could stand! 30-ish minutes to speak about anything but a gross invasion of his privacy (which ceased to be of public interest the second the police commented that there was nothing untoward and especially when that pathetic pair of neighbouring left-wing lunatic Stasi hopefuls passed their 'concerns' onto The Guardian) and all we have heard are cheap debating tactics taken straight from the O'Brien school of badgering guests.
    If I was in Boris' position right now, I would love to say something on the lines of "This matter was categorically rejected by the police and my legal team are considering the implications of this gross invasion of my privacy"
    Come on Ferrari! Don't make it 9 hours of insufferable nonsense during the average weekday.

  • Sean Reeves
    Sean Reeves  2 months ago +85

    This is not an interview it is a comedy sketch

  • Christopher Hamilton-Fowle
    Christopher Hamilton-Fowle  2 months ago +119

    Nick Ferrari is usually great but honestly this interview was disgusting. No wonder Boris avoids the media at all costs.

  • Niggy Burke
    Niggy Burke  1 months ago +5

    You should have kicked his arse out and into the street for trying to evade every, single, question.

  • James O'Gorman
    James O'Gorman  2 months ago +134

    I like Nick Ferrari and am very unsure on Boris however I can't help but feel Nick might personally dislike Boris with some very passive aggressiveness there

  • John The lion heart
    John The lion heart  2 months ago +369

    For god sake talk about important stuff

  • Watchman 1988
    Watchman 1988  2 months ago +87

    Boris can't get a word in edge ways with these peolpe?!! 🇬🇧

  • Stephen Peel
    Stephen Peel  2 months ago +29

    Boris came straight out of the box saying he wanted to talk about what he could do for Brexit and the country. Instead, he was hounded about his life. I couldn’t give a toss about his life, I want to know what he can do for me!

  • John Adams
    John Adams  2 months ago +218

    Despite all the mudslinging at Boris, he will be PM. The Tory membership knows that a vote for Hunt is a vote for the extinction of the Conservative party and a Corbyn Government.

  • J Wilko
    J Wilko  2 months ago +9

    Nick your question's were crap, the only sensible questions were from the public!
    Nigel Farage should of done the interview!!!!

  • Tonic
    Tonic  2 months ago +284

    No fricken wonder he wont do interviews. ffs LBC

  • Disconnected Roamer
    Disconnected Roamer  2 months ago +92

    Who cares if he refused BBC and SLYNEWS
    We all understand why

  • Graham Sinclair
    Graham Sinclair  2 months ago +75

    no wonder he doesnt do interviews as they are a complete farce ,msm are getting more of a disgrace daily

  • Christian Bravery
    Christian Bravery  2 months ago +5

    Nick Ferrari is a total joke - interviewing the potential future PM and all he can do is bang on about a paparazzi photo - puerile idiocy

  • Tom Hermens
    Tom Hermens  2 months ago +55

    It seems that the UK media want to know all details of any plan so that Brussels know which way the wind is blowing. Not Bery clever Mr Ferrari!!! Why don't you get Barnier on your program !!!! The media revels in muck but is basically dumb!!!!

  • Mic C
    Mic C  2 months ago +61

    I had some respect for this presenter until this interview

  • Dave Dogge
    Dave Dogge  2 months ago +9

    I want to know how Nick was potty trained and when !