2 Chainz and Rick Ross Check Out the Most Expensivest Sport | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018


  • TKSS
    TKSS  a years ago +373

    “Playing golf on land....” 2 Chains: 👀

  • BuckShot Billz
    BuckShot Billz  a years ago +269

    Forgot Rick Ross lost a ton of weight so when I saw this video in my recommended with a horse, I thought the horse was gonna become a f#$ken cammel LMAO

  • Giorgio cartier
    Giorgio cartier  a years ago +142

    0:47 Ross reaction has to be a meme😂😂😂

  • Ayo B
    Ayo B  a years ago +119

    Please more Rick Ross and 2 chainz lol. They goofy af

  • Chase
    Chase  a years ago +113

    He said golf on land 😂

  • OTB Travels
    OTB Travels  a years ago +61

    When 2 Chainz realizes that Rick Ross is actually stupid lol..."Golf on Land" lol

  • Ayub Hassan
    Ayub Hassan  a years ago +72

    Rick Ross lost weight and brain cells

  • florida
    florida  a years ago +30

    The way 2 chainz looked at him after saying “playing golf on land” 💀💀

  • LegendOfJefta
    LegendOfJefta  a years ago +21

    I never thought I'd see the words "Rick Ross" and "Sport" so close together, homie lost some weight tho

  • Lone Guardian
    Lone Guardian  a years ago +51

    Finally the only reason your subbed to this chanal

  • Dj Smooth
    Dj Smooth  a years ago +45

    0:44 bro what are you talking about man

  • Sir Smiles
    Sir Smiles  a years ago +27

    These 2 together are actually hilarious beyond belief

  • LyricalGenes
    LyricalGenes  a years ago +74

    lol, most expensivest

  • Matimi0's Backflip
    Matimi0's Backflip  a years ago +13

    I'm happy for Rick Ross honestly he's looking good.

  • Josh Okafor
    Josh Okafor  a years ago +13

    Playing golf on land 😂😂 smh

  • Jesse Erickson
    Jesse Erickson  a years ago +6

    “If you dye your hair horse red”

    LP SNEAK FREAK John  9 months ago +3

    The way rick Ross looked at 2chainz 😭😭I’m crying bro

  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy Barrientes  a years ago +3

    2 Chainz and Rick Ross two of the greats👍

  • John Phillip
    John Phillip  a years ago +6

    1:09 " if you dye your hair horse red"

  • Akure Phénix
    Akure Phénix  a years ago +3

    😂😂😭@ the way 2Chainz looked at Rick Ross for saying "Playing golf on land."