How Faker Gets a 3 Level Lead in 3 Minutes

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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    Video Description:
    Today we'll see how Faker punishes one bad decision from a Korean challenger Ekko to where he has zero chance of winning the game.

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    Here's a dose of Faker to keep you going through the long, Faker-less October! Apdo, Rookie or Caps for next mid lane youtube release???

  • rinku7
    rinku7  5 days ago


    NOICE  7 days ago

    its not even "1 q and lose", its ekko not understanding what jayce does. if faker would have played jayce against a challenger top laner, the lane wouldnt have been so one sided

  • erkkka
    erkkka  7 days ago

    More like "How To Get Your Midlaner a 3 Level Lead in 3 Minutes as Camille Jungle"

  • Derek Sena
    Derek Sena  7 days ago

    All I saw is ranged vs melle and 2v1 or 3v2

  • Txiv Fab So Lo
    Txiv Fab So Lo  7 days ago

    So stupid..wasted my minute of life..

  • Nekufan1000000
    Nekufan1000000  14 days ago

    Step 1: Faker is a pro who gets paid to play for 12 hours a day, and has for years. If you haven't played LoL for 12 hours a day for literally years, GG, you're infinitely less experienced and knowledgeable than they are.

    Just to be pro you have to hit top Diamond or higher, and stay there for multiple seasons. To say "This is what Faker did" and then expect people to be able to actually pull that off is kind of insulting. I've watched a lot of these videos, analyzed all the information presented, and here's what has happened. I went toe to toe with a bronze 1 in a Normal and stalemated the lane. I didn't win, I stalemated. "BUT I KNOW WHAT ALL THE PRO ADCs DO! I KNEW MY WIN CONDITION AND HOW TO WARD FOR MY JUNGLER AND I HAD ALMOST PERFECT CS AT 10!" And none of that means nothing without the experience to go alongside it.

    Let me walk you through Ekko's likely thought process. He comes into lane all casual, and eats it the first time. His team laughs and now there's pressure not just from Faker but actual pressure in real life. "Goddamn, I just got bodied. I need to step it up." This leads what's basically a soft tilt. He might not have raged, but he I guarantee his heart started pounding by the time Faker had that level 3. His focus diminished significantly, whatever idea he had for the match was out the window and he scrambled for a new strat. For new players, the hardest thing to do is think on our feet, and you don't teach that, you learn it through experience.

  • jekster
    jekster  14 days ago

    Absolute domination

  • Imote4
    Imote4  21 days ago +2

    looks like a wild animals fight for an area lol

  • Leikjarinn
    Leikjarinn  21 days ago

    I feel like I should be ashamed watching these videos for free

  • Eurich Fullero
    Eurich Fullero  1 months ago

    Wtf faker is like calculating what to do every single game he plays. Literally has 200 IQ

  • Dexter Finney
    Dexter Finney  1 months ago

    lol dumb nigga got skanked on xD

  • Game Watch
    Game Watch  1 months ago

    i am that ekko i tower hug till im level 18, fuk pressure. This is why i love and hate playing this game, sometimes you will encounter a smurf account and put so much pressure on you like you want to break the keyboard and throw the mouse to your opponent

  • naml
    naml  1 months ago

    Why do I watch league videos but never play

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen  1 months ago

    Level 1 at 4 minutes when faker is level 4...
    Man this is straight up brutal...

  • Invisius1
    Invisius1  1 months ago

    i know it is an old video and all, but it would be lovely to see videos on how to do certain stuff when you don't have team mates to count on. I myself am a kindred main, and my biggest problem is that even though i am plat 4, people still seem not to know what pings or a minimap is. I spam ping for assistance on the marks for someone to watch out for me or help me collect the stack, but all that arrives at the stack is enemies lane (either bot or top, and even sometimes mid is included with one of those lanes) and the jungle, while i am solo there, trying to collect my stack. what can i do (and not just as kindred, but any champ at any given position) when i can't count on anyone for help?

  • Kaito
    Kaito  1 months ago +18

    ekko uses q
    faker: aight gg

  • Hshshnsms Hsmsmshsh
    Hshshnsms Hsmsmshsh  1 months ago

    5:11 it is 3 and he is still level 2

  • Leon
    Leon  2 months ago

    Me in lol
    Press q
    Lose the game
    Go back to minecraft