Tyler, The Creator - Boredom (Audio)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017
  • PRE-ORDER SFFB: http://smarturl.it/FlowerBoyBOREDOM With Vocals From Rex Orange County, Anna Of The North and Corinne Bailey Rae. Guitar by Austin Feinstein.


  • Na Matta
    Na Matta  2 years ago +4069

    Tyler the Creator comes out as black

  • JKO -
    JKO -  a years ago +2134

    does this song make anyone else feel like they're sitting in their room on a hot, muggy august day and you've got a dull headache to go with your loneliness and lack of friends

  • joseph cazares
    joseph cazares  a years ago +2702

    Everyone gotta give some credit to rex Orange County on this track , check em out

  • Azula
    Azula  a years ago +1766

    I wonder if his friends listen to his songs and are like.....we good?

  • A Wise Pirate
    A Wise Pirate  a years ago +2448

    This song perfectly embodies insecurity and loneliness. Tyler goes from being angry at the people who aren't contacting him in the first verse to then questioning why they aren't in the second verse and consequently blaming himself. He's become so lonely he pleads with them, breaking down and confessing that being on his own so much is causing him to struggle mentally.
    This song is so underrated and fits in perfectly with the general feel of the album, especially 911/Mr. Lonely; this feeling of desperation, where your head is flooded with fear of being alone or missing out yet you can't bring yourself to confess to those around you as you believe you'll be judged or viewed differently for it. So instead you put on a brave face and pretend you're happy, much in the same way as how sad the lyrics throughout Flower Boy are yet how happy the music sounds: the music itself is a perfect metaphor.

  • Nuno Reis
    Nuno Reis  2 years ago +2817

    My guy Tyler ain't gay, he just like suckin willies

  • The Average Gamer
    The Average Gamer  a years ago +3951

    this song embodies loneliness and boredom... like damn

  • ava
    ava  a years ago +582

    “Need someone we could loiter in parking lots”
    so you mean like
    like a uh
    a loiter squad ?

  • swoozzz rocks
    swoozzz rocks  a years ago +2987

    E v e r y o n e w a n t s t o h a v e f u n.

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo  a years ago +632

    Tyler did this song live when this song was relatively new and when he started playing it he didn't expect people to know it but when they started singing it his face lit up and it was amazing

  • jammanastic
    jammanastic  2 years ago +1447

    593 people didnt find any time

  • King K
    King K  a years ago +456

    Tylers transition from horror core type rap, to THIS is beautiful.

    JUST A TOUCH OF OLIVE OIL  a years ago +192

    Why is no one talking about how great Rex Orange County sounds?!?

  • well I'll be damned awm
    well I'll be damned awm  2 years ago +504

    Ringy dingy dong I cant bee E lone

  • Ashton Butcher
    Ashton Butcher  2 years ago +2613

    Can't believe this man went from talking about raping and killing shit to singing about doing something new and experiencing different things. What a damn legend, I love him so much.

  • Ramo
    Ramo  2 years ago +141

    I relate so much with this it's insane.. tyler's talking about how he's always alone and his friends don't hit him up anymore and how he just sits in his room and waits. this is def my favorite track by tyler

  • NIKO
    NIKO  a years ago +181

    I'm sad
    Cuz boredoms got a new best friend.

  • The Count
    The Count  10 months ago +106

    Everytime i hear see you again and this song it reminds me of when my sister passed away. The whole album was on repeat but these songs helped me the most. I know you'll never see this but i just want you to know that your music has helped me through a lot of rough patches in my life, from my teenage years until now at 26. I swear i don't wanna suck your dick this isn't some colossus shit lmao but i love you bro

  • Kenyae Kofi
    Kenyae Kofi  2 years ago +410

    One thing about his sexuality lmao doesn't matter at all because Tyler will still be one of the greatest rappers.

  • gunner brigadier
    gunner brigadier  2 years ago +86

    I don't give a single flying fuq a bout his sexuality I care about him making art