Ford Raptor SVT 6.2L Copart Rebuild

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • In this video I look over what we hope to be our newest project. A FORD Raptor SVT 6.2L rebuild project.
    Let me know what you think in the comments below.
    Should we rebuild this one or pass?

    #raptor #svt #copart


  • JohnStax
    JohnStax  10 months ago +12

    This channel will blow up soon!

  • Lemme Try 2 Fix It 5000

    Trying to build a group specifically for wrecked and rebuilt Raptors. Would love it if you joined and shared pics, videos or stories of your project. Feel free to join if interested.

  • Derangd 333
    Derangd 333  4 months ago +1

    Intro is too loud

  • Jetski Jay
    Jetski Jay  4 months ago +2

    Owner probably told them to total it out.

  • Rob J
    Rob J  5 months ago

    These Copart yard walks make good revenue for you guys, but it's shallow in content.

  • Rob J
    Rob J  5 months ago

    In the left rear area frame is distorted terribly. This one is a pass.

  • Brian mcm
    Brian mcm  5 months ago

    Should you tell people what your bidding on because some people will keep bidding you up until it get out of your price range

  • Brian mcm
    Brian mcm  5 months ago

    Good buy sound like good go and own it

    TRENT KITCH  5 months ago +5

    Not going to put a Raptor bed on it?
    Not a Raptor then.

  • Charlie McLaughlin
    Charlie McLaughlin  5 months ago

    But it its great

  • Terrancecorrell Correll

    Yes rebuild

  • robert ross
    robert ross  6 months ago

    nice truck

  • Michael Kealoha
    Michael Kealoha  6 months ago

    Focus bad camera angle.always looking down look around

  • Victor Robinson
    Victor Robinson  7 months ago +1

    Chevy are better trucks in my opinion but your money / spend it wisley

  • Javier Guerra
    Javier Guerra  8 months ago +3

    Im guessing you didnt win the bid?

  • H E C. M A N.
    H E C. M A N.  8 months ago +1

    Hell yeah. I have a svt BOSS big block RAPTOR as well. And has been one of my single best investments I've ever made. FORDIFIED 4 LIFE

  • louie powers
    louie powers  9 months ago +5

    When the air bags go off you have to replace all the seat belts which will quickly total any car and then you add up the damage

  • Animal Soul
    Animal Soul  9 months ago +1

    hey how much did it sold for ??

  • Gyrenaica 135
    Gyrenaica 135  9 months ago +1

    So they totaled it over a destroyed bed. Former owners loss, your gain. Nice

  • Phillip Cortez
    Phillip Cortez  9 months ago

    The frames not bent. Just needs a bed. LMFAO did you not see the frame bent 1 foot past the leaf spring in the back???