All Signs!! WEEKEND FORECAST!!💁🏻‍♂️🕺🏻✈️

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019


  • Pixiebee
    Pixiebee  3 months ago +361

    Aries ♈️ 0:49
    Taurus ♉️ 7:28
    Gemini ♊️ 12:34
    Cancer ♋️ 19:00
    Leo ♌️ 23:47
    Virgo ♍️ 30:06
    Libra ♎️ 35:53
    Scorpio ♏️ 40:45
    Sagittarius ♐️ 46:11
    Capricorn ♑️ 52:06
    Aquarius ♒️ 57:29
    Pisces ♓️ 1:02:58

  • spray of laughing rapids
    spray of laughing rapids  3 months ago +45

    Thanks Rich, libra spot on as usual! I think we're not short tempered folks, just folks that hold in too much until we burst with righteous indignation Lol 🙃

  • Jasmyn Rivera
    Jasmyn Rivera  3 months ago +7

    Scorpio reading is spot on.. i’m so fed up of being an option and I’m so sick of being hurt whenever i try, he doesn’t care about me💔I’ve been trying so hard and I’m out of hope...
    nothing ever works

  • bmolones
    bmolones  3 months ago +14

    Virgo? Complicated reading? Gee who wouldve thought 😂

  • Gwendoline's Path
    Gwendoline's Path  3 months ago +19

    Gemini here....Maybe the swords came out for gem because we're cutting through the bs lmao that's me lol. Thank you for the read love it

  • Bobbi Plank
    Bobbi Plank  3 months ago +14

    What libras with a razor blade tounge? Idk what your talking about lmao

  • Danielle Mcdaniel
    Danielle Mcdaniel  3 months ago +15

    Oh Scorpio dead on with it. And he's a Capricorn 😀

  • Susan Nettles
    Susan Nettles  3 months ago +5

    If Pisces messes with someone’s head, they had it coming.

  • nicole smith
    nicole smith  3 months ago +4

    Wow! your readings are stonger, clear, accurate as hell!! Thank you

  • Star
    Star  3 months ago +8

    Pisces abandoned me . My Venus is in libra <3 feel like he's moving on but I can't lol:( I'm a burden? bahaha sounds about right

  • Jackie-O Hayes
    Jackie-O Hayes  3 months ago +3

    Hes a saggy wajjy. And it's dead on. He's walking away from me. Im a cappy. And it's dead on. Listened to them back to back. And this is my situation with me and him. 100%%. Amazing to be so accurate. Love you guys. Love you rich

  • Jessica
    Jessica  3 months ago +1

    Scorpio sun and Moon Sagittarius rising. Pretty sadly accurate if you ask me 😓😢

  • misses T
    misses T  3 months ago +6

    aries keeping ourselves busy af....yup building a empire....dont got time for anyones bs....:) new cycle and so happy about it :)
    ur spot on

  • meonieagleson68 !
    meonieagleson68 !  3 months ago +5

    Scorpio- yep, easier to let stuff go and cruise then constantly feel like wacking them with a stick. 🦂

  • Kathy Hyatt
    Kathy Hyatt  3 months ago +4

    Leo in the House!!

  • Karli Raye
    Karli Raye  3 months ago +1

    Gemini here. 100% accurate. LOVE your videos. Watch them all the time!

  • sabina Marcus
    sabina Marcus  3 months ago +5

    Yep leo very independent want someone but dont need someone to pay my bills

  • Full_ Moon_13
    Full_ Moon_13  3 months ago +6

    Capricorn 100% today... :) Thanks for the confirmations and additional insights.

  • Brandy D
    Brandy D  3 months ago +4

    Omgosh Rich when i first found you, you had like 20k subs now u have almost 100k...way to go 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • sheryl tillman
    sheryl tillman  3 months ago +1

    I'm taurus, I broke up with Pisces, didn't recognize my worth, player, liar, manipulator, I'm done.