"Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | SpongeBob

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

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  • *The Super Bowl Did an Oopsie*

  • Inkeptis- Fortnite  (1 day ago))

    +Hermes UL ad block

  • Hermes UL  (1 day ago))

    +Inkeptis- Fortnite whats the extension called?

  • mariolovesspaggethi  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Stephen Hillenburg even said himself that he wanted Sweet Victory to play at the Super Bowl.That’s why it hurts even more..

  • SCP-1471  (Mar 15, 2019))

    I've never seen Squidward so happy!

  • Ultimate 9001 warrior YT  (2 minutes ago))

    +Medieaval Beabe The older i get, the more i understand the characters

  • Ty Sargent  (Apr 9, 2019))

    For our friend Steve,who gave life to a spongeand all of his friends.You will forever be missed.Stephen Hillenburg1961-2018

  • Sam Desplancke  (6 days ago))

    Now he is forever chatting with the flying dutchman

  • Sans the skeleton  (May 18, 2019))


  • abucket14  (Apr 15, 2019))

    honestly i love this episode because everyone bans together to help squidward achieve something that he has always wanted and thats just what people need sometimes.

  • Yeah, Spongebob has a deep connection

  • snekygirl  (3 days ago))

    unlike the super bowl

  • Teched_ SpyTM  (Mar 29, 2019))

    I can hear patrick banging the drums while spongebob is still singing till this day...R.I.P Stephen hillenburg 😭😭

  • M.NAFIS Nafis  (May 9, 2019))

    Click download

  • CaptainChameleon  (May 5, 2019))

    I love this scene because it's Squidward's greatest moment. He's living one of his dreams. It's unfortunate that current episodes just have him suffering all the time.

  • PsychoSSF2  (May 9, 2019))

    Yeah. This song was, is, and forever will be my childhood. Even the NFL can't take away this legendary memory... oh, wait, they did. But nevertheless, I can hear David Glen Eisley's beautiful singing in my heart to this day.

  • Cystic :D  (Mar 17, 2019))

    Me: Alexa, play Sweet Victory by Spongebob Sq-Alexa: Playing Sicko Mode by Travis ScottMe: *stares in horror*NFL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • frodo baggins plot twist: there is no electronics in the Shire!! 😂😂👍

  • Obviously Damon  (May 11, 2019))

    Javian Williams What does PPG have to do with this?

  • Brenden  (May 1, 2019))

    Today is Spongebob's twentieth anniversary. Thank you Stephen Hillenburg, thank you for everything.

  • Banana Joe 1910  (Feb 4, 2019))

    Watching because they didn't play this at the abomination of a super bowl