Binging with Babish: Moroccan Pasta from Peep Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 2, 2018
  • Mark Corrigan, when he's not committing social atrocities in front of his friends, family, employers, coworkers, or random strangers, often commits them in front of the various loves of his life. In his latest desperate ploy for domestic bliss, he mashes together his romantic cheesy pasta dinner with some hastily procured pantry items - with lots of lettuce. Start 2018 off on a painfully awkward note with Mark's 'Moroccan' pasta and cocktails.

    Music: "unna" by Broke for Free

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  • Shozloch ShadR
    Shozloch ShadR  2 days ago

    this is a weird YSAC episode

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    Even after having watched a ton of QI & Would I Lie To You clips, I’m still surprised by just how NERVOUS David Mitchell is.

  • Thebilfster 21
    Thebilfster 21  6 days ago

    Ok next so pizza with letterbox hair

  • Brandon Thrower
    Brandon Thrower  7 days ago

    David Mitchel is my spirit animal.

  • Time For Car
    Time For Car  14 days ago

    I killed a rat with my BAFTA

  • stunt chicken
    stunt chicken  14 days ago

    Soapy Margaritas!

  • Amar Kshetrapal
    Amar Kshetrapal  14 days ago +2

    should've been like, Nah I'm leaving that to cocktail chemistry

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie  14 days ago +1

    Do a McCoys, Ribena and a Twirl recipe

  • Emma Garofalo
    Emma Garofalo  14 days ago

    that actually looks delightful

  • dinnynosher
    dinnynosher  14 days ago

    This would be great with some Latvian feta.

  • jaymes
    jaymes  14 days ago

    Dunno, fuckin rental snake innit?

  • jaymes
    jaymes  14 days ago


  • Matthew Bright
    Matthew Bright  21 days ago

    This recipe is sexy af

  • ayy lmao me boi
    ayy lmao me boi  21 days ago

    aint that the dude that became the fürher?

  • LizardlyPursuits
    LizardlyPursuits  21 days ago

    I always watch your videos at night when it's too late to eat and it always makes me desparately hungry, but I keep doing it because your voice calms me right down for sleep

  • MokkyMiah
    MokkyMiah  21 days ago

    Never seen this dish in Morocco. I asked my Moroccan wife and she was like wtf

  • Salah Usufi
    Salah Usufi  21 days ago +4

    Seeing everything from you’re perspective is so weird. Like no I belong on the other side of the counter😂

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E  28 days ago

    Wow, the Hardcore Henry sequel isn't want I thought it'd be

  • Rocatex
    Rocatex  1 months ago

    british people arent known for their food skills

  • Jordan
    Jordan  1 months ago

    Binging with Babish x Peep Show

    The crossover I didn’t know I needed