Bob Ross - Reflections of Calm (Season 31 Episode 1)

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 23, 2016
  • Bob Ross takes you to a beautiful lake in high country -- catch a glimpse of magnificent mountains, images echoed in the crystal clear water below. Season 31 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Reflections of Calm, Before the Snowfall, Winding Stream, Tranquility Cove, Cabin in the Hollow, View from Clear Creek, Bridge to Autumn, Trail’s End, Evergreen Valley, Balmy Beach, Lake at the Ridge, In the Midst of Winter, and Wilderness Day.Subscribe to the official Bob Ross YouTube channel - 31 Playlist: aired on 2/22/1994


  • the crazy kitkat  9 months ago

    Bob: sorry I get excitedMe: tears up

  • Twin Avocados  1 months ago

    I know that sentence he said is beautiful and I love his videos

  • the crazy kitkat yes it’s to to to *beautiful!*

  • Metthinda Desilva  5 months ago

    Bob Ross created ASMR before ASMR was even a thing.

  • Marios Skitsas  an hour ago

    Metthinda Desilva lol true

  • Mukbangs R Us  2 days ago

    Asmr has been around since 2012 lol

  • lavender girl  5 months ago

    my blind mother would listen to him every morningshe said she could picture things she gave colours her own meaningshe said the way bob described things would help her picture things in the blank void she existed in.

  • lavender girl j

  • Strawxberry  9 days ago

  • ROBLOX GIRL  4 months ago

    Me: Mom, am I a mistake?..Mom: No, your a happy accident

  • LennertTale  8 days ago

    @χιαяα ́ぎこちない I never said 'retards'...?

  • Mr Pigeon  10 days ago

    @χιαяα ́ぎこちない trees= many treesThese= this thing/thingsWell such a big mistake *mr*. _smart_

  • leah louise  5 months ago

    Anyone here in 2019???.........Okay just me then...

  • The Witchita  2 days ago

    Just joined here.. Watching Bob Ross vid before i sleep.. He's voice is like painting my dreams.

  • idesofmars  3 days ago

    we're all here in 2019, dont worry about that

  • Barrett Scott  1 years ago

    He always giggles when he *beats the devil out of it*

  • Top 10 Anime Laughs:10. Sasuke9. Chika Fujiwara8. All-Might7. Chills6. Obito5. Mine4. Sheene3. Riko2.&1. Nanachi & Bob Ross

  • Sparrow Blue  3 months ago

    Makes me smile so hard.

  • Censord TenTion  6 months ago

    The 700+ dislikes I'm going to beat the devil out of you

  • LMCD TV  16 hours ago

    I think it where the devils theirselves that disliked

  • Elleni  25 days ago

    Censord TenTion IM SO READY TO DO THIS

  • Wammy Walnut  6 months ago

    Bob Ross never went to heavenHe deserved more so he went to heaven's heaven

  • Lindsey’s Life  2 days ago

    God probably let him beat the devil out of peopls

  • Krista Blakley  4 days ago

    I miss him I wanna be just like him I am a great drawler but not a great painter

  • Arianna  6 months ago

    The 683 people who disliked this are heartless

  • Zero 21  6 days ago

    It was a happy little accident...

  • Patriotic Nerd  24 days ago

    Arianna we should hunt them down and make them have a “ happy little accident”

  • **Epic_3 Gaming**  5 months ago

    8:07 Bob Ross- “We’re not looking for it to be exact”*Proceeds to copy it perfectly*Why did God think that we deserved him?

  • Oswald Owlson  1 months ago

    What the hell was going on?

  • Paul Ivan  1 months ago

    @Kyran Lunney Then, why delete? You could turn off notifications.