"Because only I can" - Ronnie O'Sullivan's cocky 146 [BBC]

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 15, 2016
  • When Ronnie O'Sullivan got to know about the prize money for the maximum, he decided to make a point. The amount of £10,000 was apparently "too cheap" for a maxi and so scored a 146 instead!Opinions are divided if it was the right thing to do.Did he make his point? Yes.Is it the most controversial break in snooker history? Probably! Will anyone or rather can anybody have done something like this? NO.


  • Aleksa Zdrale
    Aleksa Zdrale  2 months ago +3459

    Who else is intrigued by this but doesn't know what's going on.

  • robert homero
    robert homero  1 months ago +1831

    Opponent misses his shot:
    O’Sullivan: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Mahir Cave
    Mahir Cave  2 months ago +1597

    When your older brother doesn't let you play

  • IFaceNapalm
    IFaceNapalm  6 months ago +3900

    "It's not about the money... it's about sending a message"

  • Scope Gamers
    Scope Gamers  6 months ago +6149

    Is it just me or does O'Sullivan remind me of Mr bean

  • Haitian Xu
    Haitian Xu  5 months ago +2945

    "Ronnie O'Sullivan throws away 12k for shits and giggles"

    LOLHICRONO  1 months ago +521

    Imagine being rich enough to scoff at a "free" 10,000 pounds.

  • cheesekek
    cheesekek  2 months ago +898

    0:20 Ah shit, here we go again.

  • Waqar Zahid
    Waqar Zahid  2 months ago +415

    The prize for a 147 used to be too high, but they reduced it because Ronnie kept doing 147s frequently.

  • The Dude
    The Dude  5 months ago +787

    Ronnie's opponent had black hair, too, at the beginning of this frame.

  • ETV Kash
    ETV Kash  2 months ago +234

    For those who don’t understand. The max score for snooker is 147, and to achieve that you must first sink all 15 red balls with each red followed immediately by the black ball.
    When you sink a red ball you can nominate the black or colored balls to sink next to maximize your points.
    The point system is as follows Black (7), Pink (6), Blue (5), Brown (4), Green (3), Yellow (2).
    The black and colored balls reset every time they are sunk. So it’s possible to go from Red to Black 15 times in a row to give you 120 points. Then after all the reds are gone you sink the colors in ascending order of points ending with the black ball giving you 147.
    With every red ball sunk you need to put the que ball in a position to sink the black for maximum points as the black yields 7. This will give you a perfect score.
    At the 6:00 minute mark he purposely puts the que ball in a position to sink the pink instead of the black. Meaning his max score can only be 146 because he purposely chose the 6 point pink over 7 point black.

  • Elmo’s Black Cousin
    Elmo’s Black Cousin  5 months ago +916

    1:32 a guys sleeping in the crowd 😂

  • The 8-Bit Battarang
    The 8-Bit Battarang  1 months ago +502

    Not a soul:
    YouTube's algorithm: a 3-year old impressive pool video that's completely unrelated to anything you've viewed in the past

  • DifferentialTim
    DifferentialTim  4 months ago +210

    146 just to spite the promoters! haha only Ronnie....

  • Ezergile Chimekazikura
    Ezergile Chimekazikura  1 months ago +103

    That was probably the most elaborate troll in snooker's history.

  • ItsLloydM8
    ItsLloydM8  2 months ago +301

    He protec
    He also attac
    But most importantly
    He dont pot blac

  • fryloc359
    fryloc359  3 months ago +321

    Ok YouTube I watched it, now what do you insist I watch?

  • ZH Han
    ZH Han  2 months ago +180

    it's not hard to tell that Ronnie's interests are not money prizes but a sense of joy when he achieved 146.

  • Mizu Neko
    Mizu Neko  6 months ago +430

    damn... mr bean got a skill

  • Muddy Funker
    Muddy Funker  5 months ago +126

    That's as good as it gets.
    He makes a ridiculously difficult thing look so so easy.