The Oldschool Vibes - Jazzy Hip Hop

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 6, 2017
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    We continue our soulful hip hop series with fresh new positive tape! Jazz and funk blended in beats so beautifully that it doesn't really matter what are you doing at the moment, cause this album brings chills in almost every environment to be honest. Many thanks to ES.CE for his beautiful beats.

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  • Stay See
    Stay See  2 years ago +194

    All tracks are produced by ES.CE

    01. ES.CE - Summer Nights 00:00
    02. ES CE - Church 00:58
    03. ES.CE - Daylight 05:59
    04 ES.CE - Give It Away 09:21
    05. ES.CE - You (Pt ll) 12:26
    06. ES.CE - Thank You 15:42
    07. ES.CE - Summertime 18:43
    08. ES.CE - Soulful Flight 20:59
    09. ES.CE - One Love 24:02
    10. ES.CE - Keep Walking 27:14
    11. ES.CE - Golden Year 31:11
    12. ES.CE - Lowrider 33: 59
    13 ES.CE - Memory 36:45
    14 ES.CE - Relax 39:05
    15 ES.CE - The Awakening 41:58
    16 ES.CE - Restlessness 45:26
    17 Funky Fella - Lost Highways (Bonus)47:42

  • pierre Gonzalez
    pierre Gonzalez  14 days ago

    Desde España 👍👏

  • Konni
    Konni  28 days ago +1

    42:11 Thessaloniki <3 <3 <3 City of love. Love from Greece,great music!

  • Faheem Dunston
    Faheem Dunston  a months ago

    Smooth keep them coming!

  • TomMedia HD
    TomMedia HD  a months ago

    jo where can i purchase the first beat? i would use it for one of my songs :D

  • Ivan Kukol
    Ivan Kukol  a months ago

    Love the beat at 2:58 !

  • Mr. JS
    Mr. JS  2 months ago

    17 Funky Fella - Lost Highways (Bonus)47:42

  • Эдуард Храпач

    606 плохих людей или людей с плохим вкусом)

  • Powermove Squadron
    Powermove Squadron  4 months ago

    I been a good guy, I been a bad guy
    I been the first guy, I been the last guy
    And I've won fights and I've gotten black eyes
    I'm just white boy who raps like a black guy
    Damn I, can't stop spittin this pimp shit
    Grippin the mic, I feel so materialistic
    New clothes, new watch, new shoes and new car
    My new look on life got me happier than you are
    No foobar or unrest I'm at ease like soldiers
    I'm comfortable, I'm at home, I'm chillin on the sofa
    Whether I'm smokin doja, or kickin it sober
    I'm skinny boi, I got no fucking weight on my shoulders!
    HEY, aint life great? Well it is if you're me
    I could get a standing ovation from Christopher Reeves
    Listen to me, who else spittin the heat sicker than me?
    With big dreams since I was sixteen, rippin the beat
    I'm too strong, I been at this shit for too long
    My flow heat up and it's gold, like the Oolong
    Ou Lord, oh God, so forth and so on
    Now raise a glass up in the air and get ya toast on!

  • SHA Odessa
    SHA Odessa  5 months ago

    у вас крутое песня

  • fauvel fanny
    fauvel fanny  5 months ago

    J'ai besoin de ça le matin,dans ma douche ,pour cuisiner,pour travailler,pour rever OMG c'est genial

  • Gerald Luc
    Gerald Luc  5 months ago

    DARKMAN  5 months ago +1


    FENDI SANDAL  6 months ago

    Love from Texas represent

  • patsyMC67
    patsyMC67  6 months ago

    hiya from a yankee doodle in cork, ire😇😍😘

  • Skyprincess 1995
    Skyprincess 1995  7 months ago +2

    Played Minecraft to this in the background CHILL AF

  • Mary James
    Mary James  7 months ago

    These are the best beats I’ve heard that are old school shooo

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams  7 months ago


  • Aha Merenptah
    Aha Merenptah  7 months ago

    Ten seconds in and am blown back to creation when the first sound dropped...much appreciation to you. ☮️ and Love

  • Jonathan Alvarado
    Jonathan Alvarado  7 months ago

    Dope vidz