Covered My House With GOOGLY EYES!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
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  • alana b
    alana b  10 months ago +630

    i feel like he is going crazy after the breakup

  • Honey lee
    Honey lee  10 months ago +203

    Alex is getting weirder and weirder than I thought... But I love you Alex 😍😘💕

  • Ramencat
    Ramencat  10 months ago +328

    What’s up with the butts these days Alex? 😂 lol

  • ashley
    ashley  10 months ago +81

    alex buys a house
    a couple days later
    alex fills it with googly eyes

  • Melanny Saldana
    Melanny Saldana  10 months ago +77

    Am I the only one that got super sad when he said “I’m single now”

  • XomiTrap
    XomiTrap  10 months ago +475

    Anyone else get a little sad when he mentioned Moose... 😭😭

  • Serenity Mendes
    Serenity Mendes  10 months ago +168

    Just me our dose anyone else feel like he's going crazy after the break up he's doing things he whould not ever done

  • RNG_x3Twins Brawl Stars
    RNG_x3Twins Brawl Stars  10 months ago +148

    Tony the toaster
    Frank the fridge
    Steve the stove
    Ronny the rice cooker
    Francine the faucet
    Oliver the outlet
    Carrie the cabinets
    Berry the basketball
    Tom the trophy
    Paul the pumpkin
    Mary the Microwave
    Brad the Bowl

  • Coralie Anne
    Coralie Anne  10 months ago +385

    Do any other small YouTubers always get inspired to vlog after watching Alex? Suddenly I feel like covering my house in googly eyes hahaha

  • melionette _majesty
    melionette _majesty  10 months ago +57

    No one in the entire world
    Would pull down their pants
    On camera
    Except for Alex Wassabi😂❤️🙌🏻

  • Jaide Hosein
    Jaide Hosein  10 months ago +70

    I love Alex but I feel like he doesn’t know what to do with his life after the break up NO HATE

  • Amaya Nicole
    Amaya Nicole  10 months ago +70

    Anyone else nervous to come back on Sunday

  • summer jacome
    summer jacome  10 months ago +20

    First of all he's not CRAZY BREAK UPS CHANGE PEOPLE let him go through the griving stages of a break up just motivate him to be safe and send him positive messages.
    Second of all stop bringing up the break up, his ex and moose it's like putting salt on a wound.
    Thirdly don't assume he's getting or in a relationship already he said he's not ready for that reason why he has those rings on his ring finger regardless if he was people move on and deserve to be happy.

  • TheLittleDiabetic
    TheLittleDiabetic  10 months ago +16

    "I feel like Frankenstein's creator"
    Frankenstein is the creator Alex!! Victor Frankenstein! The monster was just The Monster XD

  • Samaira Sandil
    Samaira Sandil  10 months ago +17

    It's so cute that he gets exited over googly eyes... Breakups are hard

  • Michelle Gordon
    Michelle Gordon  10 months ago +35

    Do you miss moose you should visit him and say hi to Lauren

  • AriFan XD
    AriFan XD  10 months ago +18

    O i just realized that he is probably getting his tattoo right now... 😊

  • Anne Clearwater
    Anne Clearwater  10 months ago +61

    4:31 ummm, Alex. I think you are going crazy or something. Just be careful, okay?

  • Aaniya Daniel
    Aaniya Daniel  10 months ago +143

    Who scared for Alex but happy for him at the same time?

  • Queen Ariana
    Queen Ariana  10 months ago +10

    I am going to like my own comment because no One Will😢😢😢😢😢