Fencing, explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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  • Candi Soda
    Candi Soda  3 years ago +1391

    I still don't know anything about fencing

  • Oprah
    Oprah  3 years ago +2288

    Thanks Vox. As a fencer (foil) it's nice to see our underrepresented sport explored a little by the wider public.

  • howchildish
    howchildish  3 years ago +1025

    Fencing looks classy af. I really want to try it out someday :)

  • SpicyBadger
    SpicyBadger  3 years ago +217

    not to brag, but i was a god at fencing in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

  • anikam13
    anikam13  3 years ago +1438

    I learned fencing from Icarly lmao. Freddies mom was a beast

  • FlyingSpaceMasterChief
    FlyingSpaceMasterChief  3 years ago +964

    I took a fencing class at my college once.
    I got my ass handed to me every time.

  • Sam Kramer
    Sam Kramer  3 years ago +268

    Let's get nerf wars in the olympics ya?

  • Pan Damasque
    Pan Damasque  3 years ago +505

    What I find most confusing is that I can't find where the actual fence is.

  • PopTartNeko
    PopTartNeko  3 years ago +123

    Ah, the good old days when we used swords to settle disputes

  • kalamaron i
    kalamaron i  3 years ago +175

    If you want to follow a saber match, don't watch the blades. Watch the feet; because of how easy it is to hit an opponent with a saber weapon all the action is actually going on in the footwork. PS Epee rules.

  • Crystal Wong
    Crystal Wong  2 years ago +178

    where my fencers at???

  • Ishbel Campbell
    Ishbel Campbell  a years ago +35


  • Maia Adolphs
    Maia Adolphs  2 years ago +60

    So my coach teaches Fencing theory at a nearby high school. He brought his midterms for all of us fencers with at least 4 years of experience to grade. I was grading one that just killed me. "If the basic forward movement is an advance, what is the basic backward movement?" the kid's answer? "Disadvance."
    "What the three main sports played in the olypmpics?" Poker, foil, and sabre.
    I had fun last night/

  • MrFrostburner
    MrFrostburner  3 years ago +217

    Personally I prefer HEMA, but fencing is neat too.

  • Roger Cronin
    Roger Cronin  3 years ago +114

    Épée fencers bout because there aren't any rules, foil fencers bout because they don't want to protect 1/3 of their body, and sabre fencing bout because they don't know how to fence.

  • Germae Anne
    Germae Anne  3 years ago +113

    Wonderful video as always, Vox. Thanks for this.

  • EntrE01
    EntrE01  3 years ago +259

    listening to english speakers mispronounce french words is just so cringe worthy every time!

  • falloutjustcause
    falloutjustcause  3 years ago +80

    I'm 18 and wanna get into fencing should I still try to start?

  • Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass

    what prompted a fencing vid?... It has always been a fav... thank you for making this video

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S  3 years ago +38

    I just learned something new, actually I do learn a lot of new things via Vox. Thank you Vox! 😘