Fight Highlights: Sergey Kovalev vs. Eleider Alvarez (HBO World Championship Boxing)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018


  • Jac K
    Jac K  yesterday

    Kovalev can’t take punishment and come out of a tough round- when it gets tough he panics and gasses out-
    If he can’t somehow work on defense in the clutch and getting out of a tough round - he is done : should retire

  • Mayan Empire
    Mayan Empire  3 days ago +1

    Alvarez did what ward the coward could not do TKO the right way not cheating BUTTHURT ward fans

  • Iserved 88
    Iserved 88  4 days ago

    The Krusher got "KRUSHED"!!

  • I dont know shit about boxing

    Both of these guys took a life in the ring. What a match up.

  • Crypto Pirate
    Crypto Pirate  9 days ago

    Alvarez defense is A grade

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    Alvarez reminds me of Trinidad. ☝️🤔

  • Corsino Morales
    Corsino Morales  17 days ago

    I just saw him today (kovalev), Nov 26,2018...doing his work out here in oxnard beach park...he is alone, I approached him to ask to take pics with him bec I admire him as a boxer...he just looked at me a lil bit then walked away as if he heard nothing, o wow, I was really instead of wishing him to win in his future fights, I wish him the other way around!!!...

  • richard l
    richard l  27 days ago

    another fighter adonis stevenson will stay away from.. maybe adonis will fight kovalev now lol..

  • Eddie
    Eddie  1 months ago +1

    One more for the Latino/Hispanic, fuck the Russians.

  • Daniel Betjjo
    Daniel Betjjo  1 months ago +1

    This what happens to racist big headed white people .

  • Robert Jenkins
    Robert Jenkins  1 months ago

    I love the funny pages!!

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer  1 months ago

    Kovalev is finished, done!

  • Gu Just
    Gu Just  1 months ago

    Alvarez has good asss chin

  • Deron Najarian
    Deron Najarian  1 months ago

    Everything is relative. Alvarez is simply a fresher and stronger fighter than Kovalev and he overpowered him.

  • Lionel Witherspoon
    Lionel Witherspoon  1 months ago +1

    Same fate awaits GGG and Lomochenko...Ive seen these white hooes get exposed for 40 years.

  • Detroit Dawg
    Detroit Dawg  1 months ago

    Ward schooled him and Alvarez beat the crap out of him. Come out of retirement and school Alvarez too. Probably not enough money to make that happen since Alvarez is not a big name.

  • Luis anibal2
    Luis anibal2  2 months ago

    Alvarez looks like tito !

  • Luis anibal2
    Luis anibal2  2 months ago

    Alvarez vs bivol !

  • FrxBass
    FrxBass  2 months ago

    That scream after the first knockdown, chilling stuff

  • FrxBass
    FrxBass  2 months ago +1

    Quebec represent baby