Fight Highlights: Sergey Kovalev vs. Eleider Alvarez (HBO World Championship Boxing)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018


  • FatBones 4Life  (Aug 5, 2018))

    This is how boxing is sometimes. Remember what Jermaine Taylor did to Bernard Hopkins? And then what Kelly Pavlik did to Jermaine Taylor? And then what Hopkins did to Pavlik? Full circle. How it is.

  • Daniel Pendleton  (Feb 13, 2019))

    +Tedrick Johnson u sound mad stupid

  • Halim future  (Feb 2, 2019))

    Except for floyd

  • Roberto Mizhquiri  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Fan boys stop with the manly crushes on your fav boxer and putting all this racial division in between. Respect boxing.

  • Gabe Moreno  (Apr 16, 2019))

    Kovalev called ward a monkey so dont know what you're specifically talking about but he brought race into it a long time ago

  • tonylvez  (Aug 29, 2018))

    what kind of dumb logic is that when in team sports you don't only have teammates of your own race. Foh

  • Food suem  (Aug 6, 2018))

    Why are people hating on Ward? Ward moved UP. Kov fought someone his own size with speed and power and lost. Simple

  • Joseph Diaz  (Mar 30, 2019))

    Ward lost simple

  • Sandore Bussolini  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Ward is / was good it was scary. He's as good as Mayweather in his own weight class. Simply unbeatable. Kovalev is washed up because Ward washed him up. Hate on Ward all you want, he's a boxing great (Aaron Pryor, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Julian Jackson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Shane Mosley, Gerald McClellan, Rocky Marciano, ... it's a long list but I do have a style I like)

  • Westfalen Stadion  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Great Fight and the Winner Deserved his victory ......One thing I will say about 'Sergey Kovalev' is that He always took on and Faught all Comers, RESPECT.

  • Sandore Bussolini  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Indeed he did. I have to give that to Kovalev. For a brief moment he looked like GGG in terms of power and dominance but then Ward came along and I don't remember being more disappointed in a fight that I was sure was going to be something special.

  • Ramon Turner  (Aug 31, 2018))

    +Robert Jenkins Rocky Marciano is a great white hope this ain't Rocky the movie fuck boy he ain't near the greatest he not even better than Larry Holmes and I was just saying tactically he is a dirtier fighter than ward but u call him great and ward a low blower lmao the damn double standard is atrocious

  • mrslapside  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Alvarez is one bad dude. Good fight!

  • ValorValdus  (Feb 6, 2019))

    Yea and got his ass kicked in the rematch foh

  • Randy Johnson  (Jan 18, 2019))

    +Lou Duva dude you mad

  • Jacob Glenman  (Aug 20, 2018))

    Alvarez looks good wow , congrats 🍾 I was hoping Krusher would win but Alvarez is one bad MF’er

  • Travis Bourg  (Feb 4, 2019))

    Kovlev just beat Álvarez last night

  • Finesse King  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Nice job alvarez MONTREAL STAND UP !!!!!

  • Travis Bourg  (Feb 4, 2019))

    Kovlev just whooped him last night

  • MandoGuerrero2  (Sep 21, 2018))

    cody8804 lol if you’ve lived somewhere since age 4, you’re from there.

  • William  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Kovalev go back to Russia drinking vodka already

  • Ruben Tarkhanyan  (Sep 19, 2018))

    William, what are you like 9 years old?

  • Joseph Wong  (Aug 27, 2018))

    William is that necessary you asshat. Smh

  • Real Facts  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Let me guess he still won and y’all thought it was a draw 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rain  (Aug 4, 2018))

    That Alvarez jab was on point.

  • dmanc1  (Aug 11, 2018))

    Right on the button.

  • ARC Music  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Rain I know right took Kovalevs head off