Film Theory: Ready Player One's True THREAT! (SPOILER FREE)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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    Ready Player One's The Oasis is virtual reality at it's most advanced state. Yet the real danger lies outside The Oasis - IN REALITY! Right in your very own home. Literally. The Stacks are the deadliest part of the Ready Player One world and I'm about to tell YOU why!

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  • Joseph Elliott
    Joseph Elliott  19 hours ago

    Maybe they were meant to solve over population XD

  • Fluff Whiskers
    Fluff Whiskers  yesterday

    I watched Ready Player One on a plane and wasn’t disappointed

  • Madeline Carragher

    Thank you for taking the time to make these awesome theories.

  • Sammi B
    Sammi B  2 days ago

    I mean, these are the slums, what if the government (or whoever holds authority in RPO) know it's dangerous and wants the people dead to cut down on population or even costs.

  • Nolan Aramini
    Nolan Aramini  2 days ago

    Very untrue, we are gettin out of sand. Desert sand is round shaped. So its way less solid. We use beach sand because its more edgy shaped. There is lots of ecological issues whittin taking this sand of. Concret can be made out of dynamited rocks but its not the solidestoption


    This is my favourite movie... idk...

  • Austin Niehoff
    Austin Niehoff  2 days ago

    Stack them sum bishes

  • L337M4573RK
    L337M4573RK  2 days ago

    Sure the "Stacks" are dangerous to live in (or around), but what's more unsettling is the fact that the protagonist (and his friends and neighbors) are actually living in them! Granted, that they all may have no other choice (financially) but to live in the "Stacks", since they all prefer to "live" in OASIS (where some barely make enough money to live on or even survive). This movie clearly shows how addicted people have become to personal entertainment devices, that they are actually willing to live in such deplorable/dangerous conditions to get their daily personal entertainment fix. The trailer for the movie even showed how a simple teenager (working as a fast food restaurant cashier) was willing to forego his actual job to go play around in OASIS, because he'd rather entertain himself than sustain (or even improve) his financial status. The movie panders to the young adults of today who'd rather play video games all day, instead of going out into the real world to make a life for themselves (i.e. SLACKERS)! Furthermore, none of the characters in the book (or the movie) have any real education (past getting a GED), which explains why the "Evil Corporation" was able to take over society so easily. Focus too much on the Virtual World, and you are likely to lose everything in the Real World! Finally, how do the players in OASIS stay there for hours (or even days) on end without their bodies IRL suffering horrible cases of malnutrition, fatigue, or even death? Food for thought!

  • Nichel TV
    Nichel TV  3 days ago

    U still remains one of the greatest youtube channel

  • Sandy Britton
    Sandy Britton  3 days ago


  • Sajaad Nek
    Sajaad Nek  3 days ago

    10:37 i thought u said no spoilers

  • Hifhuft gyg Lol
    Hifhuft gyg Lol  3 days ago

    I just wanna point out that the polar ice caps melted so all snow melts

  • Damon Juedeman
    Damon Juedeman  4 days ago

    Wait,you live in Cali now?R.I.P. Ohio.

  • Mr Nightmare
    Mr Nightmare  4 days ago

    Ready player one is legit my faverate movie

  • The Shmurderer
    The Shmurderer  4 days ago

    Don’t throw shade at my boy Nolan(my brothers name is actually Nolan)

  • Weirdo Animations


  • Dmitry Nolan
    Dmitry Nolan  5 days ago

    What about global warming

  • Melanie9116
    Melanie9116  5 days ago

    Mat pat isn’t the same nerve gear from sword art online 😱😱😱😱

  • Frelted
    Frelted  6 days ago +1

    In the movie, the priority is costs, but in the book it specifies that it need the space, they ran out of space on the ground to put houses, so they put houses on houses

  • Calvin Lie
    Calvin Lie  6 days ago +1

    you ruined the books
    and also u need to put spoilers warning XD
    also all the cars in the stacks are the used were used cars that owners cant afford the oil to use soooo... u wrong