Donald Trump Invites Nigel Farage On Rally Stage FNN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 24, 2016
  • Brought to you by Desert Diamond: Donald Trump is linking his "movement to take back the country" to Britain's surprising vote to leave the European Union. He invited Nigel Farage, an architect of Britain's successful "Brexit" campaign, to join him on stage at a rally Wednesday night in Jackson, Mississippi. Farage is outgoing head of the United Kingdom Independence Party. He said "anything is possible" if enough people band together, and predicted that Trump's presidential campaign would "smash the establishment." Farage noted that his movement was an underdog in public opinion polls but triumphed in Britain's June 23 referendum. He predicted that Trump, who supported Britain's departure from the European Union, would stage a comeback and win in November. Trump called Farage's appearance an honor and said, "The nation's working people will take control again."


  • glanemann
    glanemann  3 years ago +106

    If you've never seen Nigel Farage videos of him eviscerating MPs at the EU, I severely suggest you go and watch them. He crushes Socialism on a daily basis.

  • Austin Ross
    Austin Ross  3 years ago +420

    America, as a brit and your cousin across the seas, I urge you to take your country back.

  • robin o rhys rhys
    robin o rhys rhys  2 months ago +103

    This went in history, and is still resounding.

  • Horse237
    Horse237  3 years ago +165

    This is a worldwide movement of people from all backgrounds who are opposed to Corporate Banker Globalism.

  • gunube
    gunube  3 years ago +298

    Nigel Farage rocks!

  • MeesterDash
    MeesterDash  3 years ago +186

    Love Nigel Farage. Pure common sense and straight talking. Britain would have been lost forever to the European Union without him. Good Luck America.

  • CV
    CV  3 years ago +137

    What a teaser: Future President Trump & Future Prime minster Farage right before our eyes! What a match made in Heaven

  • Elizabeth Gruber
    Elizabeth Gruber  3 months ago +148

    Can't get enough of this guy. He is the UKs version of Trump. Love him.

  • Bella B
    Bella B  3 years ago +168

    Farage is brilliant !!!

  • Alvin Koh
    Alvin Koh  2 months ago +57

    I am from Singapore and I support national sovereignty and I despise the globalists to the core! Both President Trump and Mr. Farage are world heroes!!!
    Trump 2020. And LOCK HER UP!

  • Chop Lifter
    Chop Lifter  3 years ago +265

    Lets destroy Globalism.

  • Dimitri Korsakov
    Dimitri Korsakov  3 years ago +183

    Can't barrage the Farage!!!

  • nuevziel04
    nuevziel04  3 years ago +165

    Makes me so proud as an American to see Nigel standing up for America.

    PALIN SMITH  3 years ago +362

    Two great men.

  • Paul Morin
    Paul Morin  2 months ago +17

    This speech by Nigel Farage makes the dems nervous.

  • Debra Fogarty
    Debra Fogarty  3 years ago +184

    brilliant Trump and Farage..Australia needs you!!!

  • Kondela Dunami
    Kondela Dunami  2 months ago +73

    Love you Nigel from sunny Florida God bless you 🙏

  • Looncan
    Looncan  3 years ago +239

    I'm Scottish and Nigel Farage is my hero

  • Slowpoke85
    Slowpoke85  2 months ago +32

    Trump knows how to pick winners!

  • Back Track
    Back Track  2 months ago +47

    Nice to Trump and Farage together  a stong West 🇬🇧🇺🇸 much love US  from the UK