DJ Khaled - No Brainer (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo



  • Toyashay2012 Webster
    Toyashay2012 Webster  a minute ago

    Chance Kilt it

  • Alexander Cornier
    Alexander Cornier  11 minutes ago

    I aint gay no homo for this but quavo is the good looking guy in the migos

  • Jack Baclea
    Jack Baclea  25 minutes ago +1

    Dj kalhand has a mini of his self just like JAKE PAUL and his mini

  • Flavia Fiuza
    Flavia Fiuza  34 minutes ago


  • Egypt Burton
    Egypt Burton  an hour ago

    Is it clean?

  • Licary Checo
    Licary Checo  an hour ago

    Justin Bieber looks so old in this video

  • GVJ HD 223
    GVJ HD 223  an hour ago

    Vc nem deve conseguir sair de casa não é? Aí junstir parabéns vou cara

  • Cat lover singer Gamer

    Shave that mustache and trim the hair

  • Flannel Fishing
    Flannel Fishing  an hour ago

    They couldn't afford Wayne this time

  • Christine Dorey
    Christine Dorey  an hour ago

    does JB have crabs or something, cause he keeps touching it a lot. Looks weird. Get some new Swag JB cause that looks dumb

  • The fInt stones
    The fInt stones  an hour ago

    October 2018? Anyone watching it on 10/18/2018?

  • Edgar JR
    Edgar JR  2 hours ago

    WTF...! Subtitles in Japanese? I want read the lyrics seeing the video and I see a lyric completely different from the original😑Im Spanish jejeje😁😅😂

  • Guided Hand
    Guided Hand  2 hours ago

    Come on Justin, get some good pants

  • Shania John
    Shania John  2 hours ago

    yo Justin looks like a waste man

  • John Smith
    John Smith  2 hours ago

    0:48 she still vaping #chrisbrownloyal

  • Akeem Francis
    Akeem Francis  2 hours ago

    He starting look like the crack head home alone guy

  • Nana des îles
    Nana des îles  2 hours ago +1

    Qui est français(e) est qui écoute cette chanson CAR C'EST TROP BIEN 😍😍😍

  • SA A81
    SA A81  2 hours ago

    دي جي خالد 🤔!

    SAVIE WOLF  2 hours ago +1

    Justin looks like he just came out of a 80s movie

  • Carlos Frederico
    Carlos Frederico  2 hours ago

    Justin bieber seu crakudo kkkakakskakakakskskskskkska