Guy Brought his BUGATTI to a JIFFY LUBE for a Tire Patch! Here's what happened...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 5, 2019
  • This is a true story about a Bugatti Veyron owner bringing his car to a quick oil change and tire shop to try and get a $10,000 tire patched.Instagram: Me: [email protected]: SamcracPO Box 713Odessa, FL 33556


  • bruceyyyyy  2 months ago

    Samcrac the type of guy to watermark pictures that he didn't take.

  • John Tuffield  28 days ago

    Lots of missing chromosomes in this section of the comments.

  • Baerchenization  1 months ago

    @Chevy sucks He is not the copyright holder. The guy who took the picture is. He can have a license to use the picture here, but he cannot put his own copyright mark on it, well, because he didn't take the picture.

  • cory thomas  2 months ago

    Title should've said, "Florida man takes Bugatti to jiffy lube"

  • Ken Gold  1 months ago

    smart FL man

  • Apatheticchannel _  2 months ago

    Would’ve added to the Meme

  • vTuned garage  2 months ago

    Sam’s full time job is to talk about cars.

  • Blair H.  2 months ago

    Avoiding working on the Focus is his side-gig LOL

  • The Country_Man  2 months ago

    @Samcrac Do you want to know the reason why? Fixing all your bodges!!

  • Michael Burry  2 months ago

    I didn't realize I clicked on a VinWiki video. 🤣👍 💙

  • hellaflush49  1 months ago

    He should be on vinwiki

  • Kameron Parker  2 months ago

    Michael Burry lmao

  • Zenn Lozanno  2 months ago

    *No surprise tho, since Florida is in another planet*

  • Kanti123  1 months ago

    Zenn Lozanno more like another universe

  • Aka Young Vibing  1 months ago

    What do you mean Florida is in Mexico

  • A R  2 months ago

    Cliff notes, Bugatti pulls into garage. Customer wants a flat repair. Manager says no. Bugatti leaves.

  • iliketakingshowers  a months ago

    Thank you bby

  • Ibraheem Al hadede  2 months ago

    Lik if yo cri everi tim 😭

  • Qwerty Qwerty  2 months ago

    Samcrac not rebuilding cars anymore, hes now a talk show

  • Dmac 740  1 months ago

    @Samcrac let's call it a new direction.

  • Agret  2 months ago

    @Mark Sha How about his Lamborghini garage with bookshelf? Do you remember that ad?

  • Eric Ortiz  2 months ago

    Never underestimate Florida man.

  • Herbie Husker  2 months ago

    One minute he's catching himself on fire, then next he's taking his Bugatti to JiffyLube.

  • Michael Gman  2 months ago

    After that he delivered the car in for a Maaco paint job and then went home to the trailer park. :)

  • ussling  1 months ago

    @Ken Willis If worse comes to worse, one can sleep in a car, but one cannot drive a house.

  • Ken Willis  2 months ago

    funkyzero that’s my kind of logic lol I’d rather have a bad ass car than a expensive house any day of the week

  • D-wreck B-check  2 months ago

    Guy also drinks Dom Perignon from McDonald’s cups to prove he can slum it.

  • William Wade  2 months ago

    Ahahahhahahahah, good one

  • Michael Gman  2 months ago

    Remember to order a 'Floride du Mac' :)