Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and... second impressions.iPhone X First Impressions: Gear I use: Track: Disarm by Alltta~ provided by Apple for video/review.


  • Rob Jj97
    Rob Jj97  a years ago +2391

    The only Apple products I can afford are apple slices apple sauce apple juice and apples

  • Alexgaming
    Alexgaming  11 months ago +777

    Am I the only one who noticed he has dwayne Johnson in his messages? 😂

  • King With A Capital K
    King With A Capital K  6 months ago +842

    0:41-0:47 The only reason I watch iPhone Unboxings

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim  2 months ago +115

    this video just called me poor in 420 languages

  • Grace Ka
    Grace Ka  a years ago +1293

    can you please try Face ID with a girl, that wears heavy make up in the first setting, but tries Face ID when she has no make up on and changes her hairstyle?

  • dude b
    dude b  5 months ago +168

    Why am I watching a an unboxing from 2017 on an xr?

  • Scychoroid
    Scychoroid  8 months ago +264

    Hey,markass brownle

  • sharitha kattikoloth
    sharitha kattikoloth  4 months ago +155

    0:35 - After 2 years, We don't say "X".

  • Sularaha Toomas
    Sularaha Toomas  yesterday +4

    Wait, Iphone X is ALLREADY 2 YEARS OLD WTH

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.  a years ago +3701

    "It's a 1000 dollar emoji machine"

  • MimotojiYT
    MimotojiYT  2 days ago +1

    Who remembers the music at the first few mins of the video was from LoGaN pAuL's vlogs outros ???

  • Żęåûx X
    Żęåûx X  10 months ago +129

    3:59 lol

  • Theo
    Theo  6 months ago +220

    That Dwayne Johnson message tho
    2019 btw

  • Rachel Carvalho
    Rachel Carvalho  5 months ago +23

    I felt like I got stabbed the second you put the phone face down ( 0:45 )

  • [e2K] Idexlogy
    [e2K] Idexlogy  a years ago +1258

    Where my Broke squad at? 😣

  • Mason Duncan
    Mason Duncan  6 months ago +70

    Well over 1 year later it's fair to say...
    Nobody says "The X"

  • Gaming Videos
    Gaming Videos  2 months ago +52

    If you are watching on your bed and dreaming of one like me like

  • GoldenPigZ
    GoldenPigZ  a years ago +9

    Meanwhile in my bed stuck with the 5s
    i don’t care tho

  • Skiral
    Skiral  21 days ago +10

    July-August 2019 Recommended section

  • TrillLiv
    TrillLiv  a years ago +2002

    What brand will get higher:
    Samsung (Comments)
    Iphone (Likes)