New Orleans Vacation - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019


  • Claudia Bruce
    Claudia Bruce  6 months ago +4221

    James McAvoy trying to hide his laugh is the best part

  • Indycar F1 64
    Indycar F1 64  6 months ago +2797

    Me, when I try Popeye's for the first time.

  • nohemi
    nohemi  6 months ago +721

    “authentic n’olens magic baby” the crack in his voice was everything

  • Esteban Miranda
    Esteban Miranda  6 months ago +1962

    James McAvoy is sooooo sexy in this skit. I mean he’s sexy period but damn does he look fine here

  • Redcatrobe
    Redcatrobe  6 months ago +1364

    I 💕 Heidi’s acting. She is perfectly portraying the oblivious Eat Pray Love types

  • dinasoursgoroar
    dinasoursgoroar  6 months ago +2743

    James breaking was great

  • Sean-David Ta
    Sean-David Ta  6 months ago +2393

    "so you just got robbed and knocked out"
    that's n'rlens magic baby

  • Lila Singley
    Lila Singley  6 months ago +427

    I'm from New Orleans and Kenan is literally me when I talk to tourists

  • Julian Boutwell
    Julian Boutwell  6 months ago +306

    Next time James McAvoy comes on the show they need to do this skit again but they went on vacation somewhere different and they have completely different get ups and accents 😂

  • Emily W
    Emily W  6 months ago +1629

    james breaking made this skit 1000x funnier XD

  • Samuel Tillman
    Samuel Tillman  6 months ago +868

    James can’t keep it together and it’s honestly the sexiest character break I’ve seen on SNL.

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry  6 months ago +1939

    Lol same!
    The most cultured I am about New Orleans is the Princess and the Frog movie!

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +719

    James is so good with these accents, it's like he has a SPLIT personality

  • Mac
    Mac  6 months ago +494

    James is one of the few people that could look hot in an outfit like that. Woof

  • RoughneckMP
    RoughneckMP  6 months ago +832

    James McAvoy trying to keep a straight face..... 😆😆😆

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +649

    3:31 lmfao at James breaking character 🤣

  • Susan M
    Susan M  6 months ago +676

    James McAvoy is amazing at accents.

  • Felicia sdova
    Felicia sdova  6 months ago +625

    One pointing straight up

  • Thomas Moran
    Thomas Moran  6 months ago +564

    1:55 McAvoy losing it... MEME CITY! lol!

  • Natalie Rose
    Natalie Rose  6 months ago +298

    Heidi KILLED it! The concept wasn't the cleverest but the script itself was good and the delivery rocked. I don't blame James for breaking (while being a presh cinnamon roll) <3
    Also, kudos to Kenan for being an A+ straight man. He never gets enough credit for how good he is in those roles. His reactions had me rolling.