How your split ends can help clean oil spills

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 13, 2018
  • Hair isn’t just for top knots; it can protect the ocean too.

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    While oil spills have declined over the years, they still happen, and when they do, it can be devastating to the environment. One natural way to help contain oil spills is through the use of hair booms and hair mats. Hair is a naturally hydrophobic and biosorbent, which means, it repels water and can collect heavy metals and other contaminants, like oil.

    The more popular methods to contain oil spills use synthetic materials and chemicals, which can be costly and just as dangerous to environment. So, it’s worth exploring eco-friendly ways to clean up the ocean and other waterways.

    You can learn more about how hair-booms and hair mats can be used during oil spills on Matter of Trust’s website: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • genesssisss
    genesssisss  6 days ago

    Question... what you do with the used oily hair bags after used to clean the waters????

  • templar knight
    templar knight  14 days ago

    The world : we got a lot of oil in the sea and we need to get rid of it
    The US : how can i help

  • ellie paez
    ellie paez  14 days ago

    Whoops I spilt the oil!... ok everyone shave your head

  • JeongYoo
    JeongYoo  14 days ago

    welp. I live in Guimaras Im surprised they pronounced pur province perfectly!

  • Jillian Crocker
    Jillian Crocker  14 days ago


    DERP TRACER  14 days ago

    can it remove face oil?

  • Vsatyk
    Vsatyk  14 days ago

    Didn't even know the word "adsorbent" existed until today.

  • denise toy review
    denise toy review  14 days ago

    Wow i never thought growing my hair long helps it can make wigs and collect oil

  • Xsleepy DaysX
    Xsleepy DaysX  14 days ago +1

    hair sacks

  • Nurazianie Abdullah

    Leave it to pro. They know how. I mean.. I didn't even want to cross my mind. ➕

  • JerryTheEgg 154 Or MakeMyWorldRainbow

    I Thought it Was A Patato

  • Salvie The Avocado

    im from the Philippines:D

  • parveen ansari
    parveen ansari  21 days ago

    Cleaners are real heros

  • Lavenderp
    Lavenderp  21 days ago

    Ariel better be cutting instead of combining her hair with a fork

  • Sherma Gustave
    Sherma Gustave  21 days ago

    God bless all those who save the earth the rest of you, have alot of explaining to do, if you do not repent it will be a terrible day.

  • Seb Rebis
    Seb Rebis  21 days ago

    And where the hair with adsorbed oil go now? Can they be reused?

  • keshalewisskyblue thisisshit

    Another way to collect, test and record DNA. ☺

  • amanda correa
    amanda correa  21 days ago

    1:30-1:37 my hairs a bacteria mop

  • Blanca v Rojas
    Blanca v Rojas  28 days ago

    No hair can clean the planet humans dont care about it they care about making more and more and more money

  • Janelle
    Janelle  1 months ago

    Hm. Looks delicious.