iPhone 11 hands-on: the perfect mix?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • Apple got rid of the "R" name, and this year's entry-level iPhone is just called the "iPhone 11."

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  • Madona Donadio
    Madona Donadio  14 days ago

    Thank you. iPhones are the best. :D

    SOKOART  21 days ago

    Wow Huawei is awesome

  • Mandeep Makkar
    Mandeep Makkar  28 days ago

    Does iPhone 11 support live wallpapers unlike iPhone XR?

    Plz reply

  • Dale Wilson
    Dale Wilson  a months ago

    So please tell me which day necto get 11 or pro?

  • Gaius68
    Gaius68  a months ago

    True..it is just a phone (camera) no better or worse than any other. As far as the car reference well I'd rather take the cost of the phone and add to my car .

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B  a months ago +1

    what you guys thinking of the product red iPhone 11? thinking about getting one

  • Daniel Gomes
    Daniel Gomes  a months ago +1

    You chose the best colour to demo. Green 👍

  • Rayray
    Rayray  a months ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro should cost $699. Anyone remember when Iphones were semi-affordable?

  • Aydin Cesurcan
    Aydin Cesurcan  a months ago

    yo, guys, should I get the green one or the purple one, comment down below

  • Abel Luciano
    Abel Luciano  a months ago

    I have the iPhone XS Max but now I want the iPhone 11 for a few reasons. My XS Max is 64GB and I want to upgrade to 128GB. XS Max cost me $1,100 and after a year I yet owe $600. In comparison for just $750 I can get a completely new device. I’m going to give the XS Max to my mom, so now she can have the iPhone with the biggest screen and replace her 7 Plus

  • CK NorthPole
    CK NorthPole  a months ago +1

    That teal one is ordered 😊👍🔥

  • Enpianisti
    Enpianisti  a months ago

    Will it be a good upgrade from 7 plus? How is the display compared to 7 Plus?

  • Fostoria
    Fostoria  a months ago +1

    The 720p display is the only reason why im getting the pro over the regular 11. 720p in 2019 ....nope.

  • Billy Francois
    Billy Francois  a months ago

    Omg cupquake is is the background

  • clark parker
    clark parker  a months ago

    The bezels is still thick? Like a borderline lol

  • TK PSW
    TK PSW  a months ago +1

    It's the LESSER device!! Why you have to say otherwise??? Look at that HUGH side-besels, SUPERUGLY.

  • โดม ท่าพระจันทร์

    Wow.!!!! I like I - Phone 11 Pro Max very much.

  • Jesus Buelna
    Jesus Buelna  a months ago +4

    iPhone X GANG! The iPhone X is a Legendary phone, I'm here until the wheels fall off!

  • kelly billy
    kelly billy  a months ago +1

    This is ugliest phone for 2019. Looks like brain tumour is growing on the back of the phone .

  • rontavius snipes
    rontavius snipes  a months ago

    R equals regular.