Feel the beauty inside You | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout [Study/Sleep/Game]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 18, 2018
  • Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
    This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:

    👁Art https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=57389660
    by Sawasawa
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    00:00 fcj - twisted lullabies
    02:02 W a t e r B u c k e t - nighttime serenade - gazing away
    04:53 city girl - Empyrean (life goes on)
    08:14 Philip von Wartenberg - Forgotten Autumn
    10:11 W a t e r B u c k e t - nighttime serenade - someday
    12:22 Yoann Garel - Paradiso
    15:04 W a t e r B u c k e t - days without feel like months.
    18:44 Harrlin-This Is A Lofi Joke
    19:50 mo jo - dont
    21:51 marlboro - That mistake is not u . . .
    23:53 fcj - thank u
    25:55 Yoann Gare - Fuite No1
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    W a t e r B u c k e t
    Philip von Wartenberg
    Yoann Garel
    M o J o
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  • Yasmine
    Yasmine  a months ago

    one of my fav of your mixes

  • Ryukyumi
    Ryukyumi  2 months ago

    I was doing my homework and crying and then 41:08 came on

  • flower child
    flower child  2 months ago +1

    Have you ever stared at the stars? The way they twinkle and glow, softly lighting up the inky waters of night. It's magical. Now, think about the fact that you are part star. It's crazy, right? But it's true. You may think you are worthless. But you are a star. Literally.

  • Nivedita Mohanty
    Nivedita Mohanty  3 months ago

    What I love the most about Dreamy playlist is that the comment section is so pure, so free of negativity. It's filled with hopes, wishes, inner thoughts...somehow I can't help but think that everyone of us here is connected by souls. We all have the same taste in music, peace & wishful thinking.

  • Unsung Songs
    Unsung Songs  3 months ago

    Everybody was leaving a nice message for you, so I decided to leave one too

    Yeah, I don't know you well. Actually, I don't know anything about you. But just close your eyes and feel your heartbeats. You know what? I know you. Your heartbeats just sound like mine. We both have the same heart. I really want you to be loved very much. And if you feel you're not recieving that love, then close your eyes again. Your heartbeats are mine. That's how much I love you.

  • Sarvah Rayner
    Sarvah Rayner  3 months ago

    This mix is perfect for stretching and Yoga on a rainy Friday morning. All the stress has left my body. Thank you, Dreamy 💖

  • K C G
    K C G  5 months ago +1

    im tired.... in gonna go sleep.....

    good night

  • Orion Neoma
    Orion Neoma  6 months ago

    23:53 who else hears Goodbye to a World..? nobody's gonna see this lol

  • The Max Knight
    The Max Knight  6 months ago

    Damn.... 65 people do not feel the beauty inside themselves.
    Just Feelin' The Music
    And That's The Way!

  • Sajag Parajuli
    Sajag Parajuli  6 months ago

    The backdrop on these music are so nostalgic, but the type that is yet to happen😍♥️

  • George Tso
    George Tso  7 months ago

    love the mix but isnt fcj - thank u just non-edm porter robinson? or is it the other way around

  • wiwimiao lee
    wiwimiao lee  7 months ago

    love love this, but why the 10:11 W a t e r B u c k e t - nighttime serenade - someday cant found...

  • CHUT Roh
    CHUT Roh  8 months ago

    I'm sad

  • Christopher John Pasch

    That Porter Robinson remix though.

  • Everett Wang
    Everett Wang  8 months ago

    wow ok so the song at 23:53 casually steals all of Goodbye to a World - Porter Robinson and thats ok ig

  • CY83RV01D Skaia
    CY83RV01D Skaia  8 months ago +1

    Remember when you were Kennedy, I was Marilyn and he was Jacqueline?
    I don't wanna lose a whole second game of Life.
    I hope I can stop loving you so much.

  • Opportunity In China
    Opportunity In China  8 months ago

    Always need something like this to keep me going through all the computer work

  • Thanh Dương
    Thanh Dương  8 months ago

    I guess anyone who listens to these kinds of music are going or had been through tough times. You're not alone and let go through this together. I'm an introvert and I usually dumb my feelings in words, and it is amazing to see similar fates through the comments. I have a blog (https://bit.ly/2SXUqi2) and would love if you guys can come and have a look. Maybe give it a like or share if you feel the same way as I did. Love to hear your feedback as well. Love the community of lo-fi music <3 thank you

  • The Fork of Destiny
    The Fork of Destiny  9 months ago

    i glanced over the title and thought it said 'feel the baby inside you' and i had to do a double take

  • TVRS tuveuxriensavoir

    Dreamy/Lo-fi mix save my life <3