Top 10 Hardest Modern Video Games Bosses

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
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    If you want to take on these guys, you’re going to have to “Git Gud.” For our Top 10 Hardest Modern Video Games Bosses list, we’re looking at the most punishing baddies in games from the seventh generation onward. They say modern games are easier than older ones, but these bosses sure didn’t get the message. Do you agree with our list? What other boss would you add to our list?

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    List Entries and Rank:
    10) Mr. X (Super Tyrant) - “Resident Evil 2"
    9) Vergil - “Devil May Cry 5”
    8) Morgan Freeman - “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”
    7) Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen - “God of War”
    6) Sans - “Undertale"
    5) Father Rodin - “Bayonetta"
    4) Ornstein & Smough - “Dark Souls
    3, 2 & 1: ?

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  • Ethan
    Ethan  8 hours ago

    Predator ghost recon

  • CM Punk
    CM Punk  16 hours ago +1

    Should’ve added deathstroke from Batman Arkham origins

  • Jan Wisniewski
    Jan Wisniewski  20 hours ago

    Vergil Boss fight:

    V: Finally we will have a battle of power and honor, you can't defeat me Dante!
    D : Uses ROYAL GUARD Style correctly.
    V: Why do I hear Boss Music?

  • hippoking
    hippoking  yesterday

    Grim Matchstick isnt that hard, in my opinion

  • GoGo Ramendra
    GoGo Ramendra  yesterday

    DMC V vs Vergil is hard? dont you ever play DMC series before? lol changing between styles is the answer

  • PabloBorroto
    PabloBorroto  yesterday

    now this is da best fuging git ever

  • idrys sylla
    idrys sylla  2 days ago

    the hardest boss is inner agent 3

  • Zoch
    Zoch  3 days ago

    The secret fight with the owl was way harder then isshin. And no lingering will wtf???

  • Lost Kin
    Lost Kin  3 days ago

    Why isn’t Nightmare King Grimm, Pure Vessel, or Absolute Radiance on this list?

  • Aarav Nigam
    Aarav Nigam  3 days ago

    Your gaming videos are amazing please make tons of these

  • Platypie
    Platypie  3 days ago

    Atleast he put Orphan of Kos on here. Also, Ishin isn't as hard as Orphan.

  • Sivan
    Sivan  5 days ago

    Donguri bullied that guy!

  • Kyle Lock
    Kyle Lock  6 days ago

    Hesitation is...

  • James McTighe
    James McTighe  6 days ago

    When I finally beat Isshin I became a man.

  • Camilo Utria
    Camilo Utria  6 days ago

    Me over here dying to sans like 50 times

  • Sean Klipp
    Sean Klipp  6 days ago

    Vergil can be instagibbed with Dr Faust... I cannot express in words how lame it was to beat him that way

  • Towheaded Three1
    Towheaded Three1  7 days ago

    I found Vergil easy

  • yEEt
    yEEt  7 days ago +2

    just a quick reminder that the Darkeater Midir is in existance

  • BrightN'Night Dragon

    Where’s inner agent 3?

  • Dajen White
    Dajen White  7 days ago

    I never died to Morgan Freeman