Beet Dip - You Suck at Cooking (episode 39)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 17, 2016
  • Subscribe Dip:’s Bean Dip: something tasty is far tastier when it's dipped in something tasty which is why I dip my beet dip in steak sauce. Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin


  • Aster Is A Human
    Aster Is A Human  11 months ago +3131

    Throw it, and then you get yeet dip

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy  a years ago +1990

    The beet song is my ringtone now

  • Savannah Vancise
    Savannah Vancise  a years ago +588

    "Woah... Tastes like garbage!" 😂

  • Davin Keck
    Davin Keck  2 months ago +259

    “Onions on 400”
    *4 hundo

  • Tiffany inocencio
    Tiffany inocencio  a years ago +1087

    What do you call meat being soaked in beet juice
    Beeting your meat

  • Emanuele Feola
    Emanuele Feola  2 months ago +209

    I came here because I taught this was a serious cooking video.
    Turned out it was even better

  • Barry Shitpeas
    Barry Shitpeas  8 months ago +360

    Beatbox. Alright I subscribed.

  • B L E A C H
    B L E A C H  11 months ago +347

    Dwight Schrute would be proud

  • 星苺
    星苺  2 years ago +1755

    Post it on the Internet and then you've got retweet dip

  • Jason H
    Jason H  2 months ago +65

    so what im hearing is that the food processotron 2.7 TM comes with the bowl

  • Saania Salahuddin
    Saania Salahuddin  2 months ago +32

    Go shopping, and you get receipt dip.

  • Vanessa Oberlin
    Vanessa Oberlin  a years ago +136

    The songs are the actual best. I found myself singing the bean dip one in the store yesterday. ❤️❤️ ❤️

  • Lax Lover
    Lax Lover  a years ago +40

    Bring it to the olympics and now you got Greek dip

  • Valstrax
    Valstrax  1 months ago +42

    Fun fact: Beets were the first vegetable. They are classified as living fossils and evolved from the rock.

  • MusicTalks
    MusicTalks  10 months ago +101

    Nice radiohead reference

  • Jason. Madara
    Jason. Madara  4 months ago +44

    These videos got 10% cooking and 90% fukery

  • Bella Hoots
    Bella Hoots  6 months ago +35

    Bro why was Gregg upset? It's not like you ruined bean dip again.

  • J. Deiss
    J. Deiss  3 years ago +1562

    A moon shaped pool lol

  • Adam The Finn
    Adam The Finn  a years ago +36

    Never seen this channel before, this video came in my recommended videos. So i felt i had to take a look and i think im gonna hang around for a while. (Subscibed +1)

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson  8 months ago +8

    The scary thing is that I know all of the bowling jargon he used.
    And I don't bowl.