lazy mood. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • 🎨 Want to download the Audio & Art in this mix? You can! Join us on Patreon for this & more bluescosy snooze01 00:12 Tomppabeats - Don't Leave Me This Way02 01:08 biosphere - dreaming of blueberry pancakes*03 02:30 ibrahim - tsundoku04 04:52 Phlocalyst - Soul05 07:14 GentleBeatz - Silent Thoughts*06 09:50 Dragon Roots - Rainforest07 12:12 WYS - full of stars08 15:50 sedated - when autumn ends, i'll find you*09 18:34 neeks - 1:26 am10 19:50 sad boy with a laptop - hours turn into nights when im with you11 22:24 biosphere - flowers that bloom when shaken12 24:30 Pakonten - Winter Morning Sun13 27:42 Sky.High - I think i'm in love14 29:14 olivia herdt & mr. hong - when you disappear15 32:32 Mujo - Ice-Lolly16 34:26 ibrahim - enamored (ft. Limes)17 37:06 Aphrow - Snowball18 39:36 Dragon Roots - Ash.Tracks marked with an '*' are official releases fromThe Jazz Hop Café Records (🖼️ Digital Poster available to purchase at☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on:• YouTube -• Soundcloud -• Spotify -• Bandcamp -• Facebook -• Twitter - to Submit Music? Contact us on SoundCloud or Email us at [email protected] ► The Artists• Tomppabeats -• biosphere -• ibrahim - &• Phlocalyst -• GentleBeatz -• Dragon Roots - &• WYS -• sedated -• neeks - &• sad boy with a laptop -• Pakonten -• Sky.High -• olivia herdt -• mr. hong -• Mujo -• Aphrow - By ► ShiNasty•••☕ Grab a Mug at our Merchandise Store #mix


  • The Jazz Hop Café  5 months ago

    🎨 Want to download the *Audio* & *Art* in this mix? You can! Join us on *Patreon* for this & more're back! *What's your New Years resolution?*(Our is to remember to put the Mobile Tracklist in the comments 🤦‍♂️)Mobile *Tracklist*01 00:12 Tomppabeats - Don't Leave Me This Way02 01:08 biosphere - dreaming of blueberry pancakes*03 02:30 ibrahim - tsundoku04 04:52 Phlocalyst - Soul05 07:14 GentleBeatz - Silent Thoughts*06 09:50 Dragon Roots - Rainfor...

  • My new year resolution is to create even more chilled beats this year <3

  • wolf9423  2 months ago

    Blessed be rather it's your channle or some others you mean the world to me and everyone else, I've just been listening to expermentle and or instrumentles just so I have more people to listen to since main music is crap these days , its just so refreshing

  • K Love  5 months ago

    Who else loves this room and would love to have a cup of coffee and just stare out the window listening to the rain....

  • shantavanee  4 days ago

    K Love me!!!!!

  • Brendan Lee  5 months ago

    There might be multiple reasons a person clicks on this video.Some want a soothing track to lull them to sleep. To those people, leave the comments and get the sleep you deserve, sleep well.Some are lonely or are feeling sad, to those people, all pain ends eventually, the good will come soon enough you can do this.Some may be studying, to these people leave the comments, I wish you luck, you're gonna do amazing.Some cant stand the silence and the thoughts and tears that accompany the silence, t...

  • Teeny Andra Videos  29 days ago

    Wow. Just wow. You are an amazing human being. Thank you for existing 💚💚🍵

  • VbgVbg 113  1 months ago

    Thanks, i can sleep noooxkxmxmmm mmmmmmmnnnnbnnbbbbbbbbb

  • 1914 M  5 months ago

    Just imagine your in this picture you just ordered chinese food and got a notification of a new season from netflix and ya dog is on the corner of the bed sleeping

  • M'Liss A  yesterday

    That sounds so cozy and nice...thank you 🌷

  • J M  1 months ago

    @Mateusz Mateusz don't be that guy lol

  • Eorzat  5 months ago

    This kind of room is just perfect for introverts. Wide, open space to just let your thoughts spill out.

  • Indigo Wendigo  1 months ago

    ModestasWhat JustAGuy said, you're a dysfunction for being so incosiderate. :pThe thing about introverts is that wr like to contemplate on things... we're deep thinkers and emotional beings, taking time to sift things through... not all of us are completely antisocial or anything. :pIf anything, I find it kind of antisocial and rather strange for all these extroverts to force introverts into something their not...But if there was no extroverts in the world... Hmm...Well, anyways, life is like...

  • riri __  5 months ago

    what a dream room to be lazy inside

  • wolf9423  4 months ago

    I would never leave and continue to remodel the room

  • Victor Leung  5 months ago

    I don't know why, but looking at this room feels so nostalgic to me. Maybe something about the layout of the room, the old computer, the AC, that's bringing me to an earlier time, some 10 years ago?

  • J M  1 months ago

    Yeah yeah at first I didn't notice the computer but then I was like 'damn that looks like Windows Commander on that screen'...

  • Indigo Wendigo  1 months ago

    90s kid here, born in 1991. :pI really liked the magic and adventure of old rpgs for the ps1 and ps2 to say the least...Every now and then I'll find something good that's recent, but it's still a lot different than how it used to be. :p

  • urban05  5 months ago

    the image seems inspired to the lifestyle of late 90's urban japanese ?

  • Daedalus  3 months ago

    In love with every detail

  • erikfishy3000  5 months ago

    Its really cool

  • Billie  5 months ago

    I know your probably not reading this, but your music has changed my life. I stumbled across it a while ago, and now I can’t stop listening to it. My depression has gotten very severe in the past months, and when I found your channel, all I could do was smile. I’ve had depression and anxiety for a long time, but you’ve made that disappear and made my life 10x better. I listen to this while studying and whoever I’m stressed, and it really helps, thank you so much, you’ve changed my life for the better. ...

  • Billie I feel the same hope your doing well this was 3 months ago

  • Billie  4 months ago

    cristian velasquez rivera oh my gosh thank you so much 😭 everyone has been so nice to me I will definitely check out the book. Thank you so so so muchhhh.

  • BALMAIN RICHARD  5 months ago

    You know what is better than sitting in front of a warm fire sipping hit chocolate while watching musicals?*Jazz Hop Cafe videos*