OREO CHALLENGE PART TWO! w/ the Merrell Twins!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • Today I played the Oreo Challenge game with the Merrell Twins! Let me know down below what other videos you would like to see!

    Oreo Challenge Part 1: https://cnclips.net/video/ZKcfX8Ec_pU/video.html

    Pancake Art Challenge: https://cnclips.net/video/XhOM7QzzD4o/video.html

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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  a years ago +5024

    I hope you enjoy today's new video! What's your favorite kind of cookie? 😊💕

  • Jan Tan
    Jan Tan  yesterday

    For the mystery oreo im guessing frut loops

  • Siva Raulia
    Siva Raulia  3 days ago

    I laughing so hard looking at ronis googley eyes

  • ErichJ Gomez
    ErichJ Gomez  3 days ago +1

    Ro: num num

    Veronica: OHH I KNOW

    Vanessa: the concentration is real

  • Goomaral Munkh-Ochir

    My two favorite youtubers are together

  • Layla Alĸowaтlι

    When Roni’s cookie fell her plate and she was trying to find it.😂😂

  • Catalina Sánchez-Prieto Trujillo

    You guys actually guessed the mystery ones search it up btw they’re putting them again so can you do a part 2 with different flavours pls

    Same collab

  • cute unicorn
    cute unicorn  7 days ago

    I Love you

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie  7 days ago

    3:40 I laughed so hard😂🤣

  • Derry McLaughlin
    Derry McLaughlin  7 days ago

    My favorite oreos are the bubble gum double creme ones

  • Meghana Reddy
    Meghana Reddy  7 days ago

    2019 anyone ?

  • Winnie Shaw
    Winnie Shaw  7 days ago

    😀🤑😻👍Love your love pizza 🍕

    BUDDY THE CAT  14 days ago

    I would love to have waffles around a campfire

  • Tiahni Mahlo
    Tiahni Mahlo  14 days ago

    Why did I think those panda eyes were actually Roni’s 😂 🐼 ahahha

  • Karaline Kosi
    Karaline Kosi  14 days ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more with the merrell twins

  • s. life
    s. life  21 days ago

    veronica looks so silly with her eyes on the side of her head but it still is a really cute blind fold

  • Marybien Atinen
    Marybien Atinen  21 days ago

    2019 anyone? Btw do more videos do more videos please

  • Hailie Mills
    Hailie Mills  21 days ago

    I was eating Oreos while watching

  • Andrea Vivienne
    Andrea Vivienne  28 days ago +1

    I love your blindfolds veronica looks like a goofy panda rosanna looks like the panda is clueless and vanessa is clearly the inlove panda face

  • Valeria Martinez
    Valeria Martinez  28 days ago

    Is it just me or does ro looks so much like mo in this video?