Time To Move On *LAUREX IS OVER*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 13, 2019
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  • Nick T
    Nick T  4 months ago +2347

    Alex has a pencil
    Lauren has a highlighter
    Alex drew the world
    Lauren made it brighter
    3 years later Lauren’s highlighter ran out 1 like=1 highlighter for Lauren

  • m i n a!
    m i n a!  5 months ago +2351

    i feel so bad. lauren has a new bf. she’s moved on. alex hasn’t. he still cares about her which is the cutest thing ever. i really hope alex can find the perfect girlfriend which will make him happy. although laurex won’t wake up from its nap, we hope the best for you alex!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mrs Mendes
    Mrs Mendes  5 months ago +2075

    I see the pain in his eyes..

  • Fabulous_killjoy
    Fabulous_killjoy  4 months ago +1346

    How long will you love each other
    Alex: forever and ever even if she decides I wasn’t the man for her

  • It’sAngie
    It’sAngie  7 months ago +5734

    You can tell he still cares about Lauren

  • eunice
    eunice  4 months ago +494

    I can just see the pain in Alex's eyes. First Roi, his best friend, left for his own channel (no hate). Then Lauren moved on from Alex and started dating Jeremy.
    Alex's channel is getting less and less views.
    Let's just pray that he gets something good after all of the bad experiences from life.

    HENRY THE RC CAR  6 months ago +2168

    Laurex sounds like a cleaning product 😏

  • Nicholas Yang
    Nicholas Yang  5 months ago +753

    10:18 is when he actually explains

  • Marie Anna
    Marie Anna  5 months ago +545

    If your partner tells you he/she wants a break, they're just basically telling you they want out but don't know how to tell you the truth or be honest. A break is never really a break. In some cases it works , but most of the time it doesn't.

  • The real jazzy J
    The real jazzy J  2 months ago +302

    Who would want to break up with him
    He’s so caring,sweet and bubbly

  • xParis Cncvx
    xParis Cncvx  5 months ago +457

    What happened to "how long will you love each other? Forever" (my side)

  • Ember Gacha
    Ember Gacha  5 months ago +270

    the saddest part is alex is acting like he loved her for all of the three years and lauren ain’t! she just moved on... we all still love them each but still it’s hard..

  • woomy splat
    woomy splat  4 months ago +207

    Alex and LAUREN: "were taking a break."
    Alex and LAUREN: "found someone else!"

  • Maya Padilla
    Maya Padilla  5 months ago +177

    He clearly hasn’t moved on yet. I miss Laurex.

  • BanjoHitter
    BanjoHitter  5 months ago +165

    He still loves her hands down 🤦‍♀️😪

  • puppylover 1234
    puppylover 1234  4 months ago +95

    Is anyone here in 2019 months after😭 when Lauren has a new boyfriend😤😤

  • Lyzette _16
    Lyzette _16  5 months ago +122

    No more baby dino, no more duck/ chicken ,no more chicken nugget waddle😔😔😔My life is over

  • Jill C
    Jill C  6 months ago +185

    why is everyone wishing they would at least be friends? it’s very uncommon for exs to be friends after. they’re people too. y’all need to chill

  • Murray Norris
    Murray Norris  4 months ago +61

    Laurex might be over but it will never be over in my heart❤️

  • Ash _G
    Ash _G  1 months ago +25

    Why would she break up with him he’s so sweet, caring, loving, funny, and much more...