Zion Williamson can live up to the LeBron hype - Stephen A. | First Take



  • willemdee  (Nov 15, 2018))

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon AS SOON AS he gets drafted lol

  • NEW YORK  (18 hours ago))

    Zionbies in the making

  • theBondtech  (22 hours ago))


  • Justin Dminic  (Nov 15, 2018))

    Stephen “it’s girth” A. Smith

  • bEASToUTtHEbOX  (Dec 9, 2018))


  • GadesGades  (Nov 15, 2018))

    RJ good but Zion has the intimidation factor that hasn’t been around since Shaq

  • Killa BAngBAng  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Giannis.....ever heard of him?

  • Zen Master  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Lol @ John rumble.. get the fuck outta here dude. Go back and look at bron his first year in the league. He was tiny and his j was garbage, but he still did well. Zion is way more explosive and powerful at this point, only thing brin has on him was maybe speed and even that’s arguable. He’s already lost weight at duke, lol he’s like 270 15-18% body fat. You’re clueless. Plus in the league he’ll have his own nutritionist, chef, and trainer to get him right where he needs to be. Oh yea, and he’s 1...

  • arn_ junx157  (Nov 15, 2018))

    I want to see Zion dunks on Draymund Green! Like seriously i wanna see it!!!

  • Chris Sistrunk  (Feb 19, 2019))

    I wanna see Zy boom on his azz

  • suns6thmann  (Feb 14, 2019))


  • Henry Chavez  (Nov 15, 2018))

    He's Charles Barkley beefed up with Shawn Kemps athletic ability.

  • Steve Rosset  (Feb 18, 2019))

    and neither on of them ever won a ring.

  • Killa BAngBAng  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Good assessment

  • Shannon Sharpe  (Nov 15, 2018))

    Just hope he doesn’t get drafted to the Cavaliers.

  • Patrick Snavely  (21 hours ago))

    I hope he's stays far away from LeBron and his toxic ass.

  • mike time  (Nov 20, 2018))

    +Alex Thoppil That would be great but I feel like he's meant for the spurs he needs strict coaching to preserve his body

  • Ra  (Nov 15, 2018))


  • Ra  (Dec 5, 2018))

    Doctor Cthulhu fuck up

  • Matt Smith  (Dec 4, 2018))

    You're looking at a future all time great. There is no doubt about that.

  • Taray Lewis  (Nov 15, 2018))

    I didnt know Lebron had hype coming out of college

  • Sean lamont  (Feb 21, 2019))

    Ohhhhhhhh I dig it

  • GK Royal Flush  (Feb 12, 2019))

    You're an idiot bro. Nice joke 👍 but Max literally said word for word "the 2 most hyped players in history coming out of college, well amateurs is LeBron and Kareem" so he corrected the "College" for LeBron into "Amateurs" get the wax out of your ears Taray and fucking listen before you are so quick to make a joke for likes on YouTube 😂😂 loser.

  • Lebron’s hype?????? I swear people are so fickle. People really have very short memories.. the hype LBJ had coming out of HIGHSCHOOL was on another level and probably will never be matched. Zion can no doubt play and is an athletic freak but damn calm down. The media loves giving players the “Juice” and start comparing there games to HOF players and building them up to be the next LeBron, steph Curry, KD etc.. As soon as Zion gets to the NBA and has a couple ok games or even bad games these same analys...

  • star killer  (Feb 22, 2019))


  • ankevious oliver  (Feb 13, 2019))

    So true

  • Graciela Olvera  (20 hours ago))

    Zion Williamson....Is just Kobe Bryant!! He likes to Dunk!......But at the end Kobe Bryant is better then LeBron james and Jordan ....and Zion!