Zion Williamson can live up to the LeBron hype - Stephen A. | First Take



  • Raymond Ashley
    Raymond Ashley  14 hours ago

    How old is this kid?

  • Leonardo Perez
    Leonardo Perez  yesterday

    Why the fuck is he screaming tho

  • Chocolate World
    Chocolate World  2 days ago

    Zion and Anthony Davis would be a show. He need to link up where ever Anthony davis lands.

  • Dan Ekert
    Dan Ekert  4 days ago

    What about Larry Johnson pre back injury ?

  • ShaMoney
    ShaMoney  7 days ago

    Don’t forget Body control !!!!

  • AKOO86
    AKOO86  7 days ago

    Max kellerman is bitch. He drunk off being a hater

  • May Kala
    May Kala  7 days ago

    It seems The Cleveland Cavaliers are tanking to be in the Zion Williamson sweepstakes and hoping he will be the next LeBron James

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez  8 days ago

    LeBron hype ?!?!?!?
    He's I on his own Zion's Hype!! 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Alberto Santillan

    Didnt Shaq average 29 pts, 10+ boards, 5 blocks, ext in college? If I'm even close to right, then Idk what Max meant by saying he didn't have a great college career

  • Gelato OGBlackweed

    Max said Blake Griffin...Boy, you Crazy.

  • Maureen Elam
    Maureen Elam  10 days ago

    Zion can reach 9 finals in the nba? that's high expectations

  • Stackztootrill
    Stackztootrill  10 days ago

    i rock w Zion as much as the next hoop fan but Stephen A gotta cut that "girth" talk out

  • Matthew 2700
    Matthew 2700  11 days ago

    You know Zion is too good that the only way people can hate is by question if he can live up to the hype

  • Deeq Adan
    Deeq Adan  12 days ago

    He is getting Drafted this Year For Sure

  • Forrest Hunter
    Forrest Hunter  13 days ago

    A touch of Lenny Bias and Bernard King and Larry johnson, with an old school soft touch for a big guy; not many point guards today have as soft of a touch. many of his shots roll around the rim, softly. And he can shoot Free throws.

  • joshua Rogers
    joshua Rogers  14 days ago

    This man is persistent with his 3 point shots. He's going to pass LeBron hpye

  • Terence Smith
    Terence Smith  14 days ago

    Max know damnwell he's gonna the first one comparing him to Mike and LeBron the next saga continues

  • Dylan Castano
    Dylan Castano  15 days ago

    The 20s belong to him

  • Keryan Bennett
    Keryan Bennett  15 days ago

    Stephen A been doing drugs prolly

  • This Guy
    This Guy  16 days ago

    He went to college that alone leaves him miles behind Brons hype. He is incredibly gifted though