Onething 2018 - Session 1

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • #IHOPKC #onethingOnething 2018 Session 1 -- Full Live Session---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24/7 Worship and Prayer**The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), founded by Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, and twenty full-time intercessory missionaries, has been crying out to God in prayer with worship since September 19, 1999. More: started so slowly, so humbly, with “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." And just like that, we were on the way to a re-centering, a re-plumbling, and resetting ourselves to the Mary-of-Bethany reality, the simple pursuit of Jesus above all else. Instead of an intense, mega-conference feel, the lights were kept on for the first few songs, and the clock was counting up, not down—meaning, the musicians weren’t "pressured" to finish their songs or speed things up.Midway in, Mike Bickle called for intercession. The prayers were focused on deliverance from whatever hinders love (especially distraction) and having fresh encounters with God, including dreams and visions.Instead of a feeling of "we’ve arrived," Onething 2018 started with palpable hunger for God. “I want You to send revival/Let it start right here in my heart,” went one chorus. “We need You, God/Come and help us” and “More/We are hungry,” were other that followed.Corey Russell continued with a stirring word on the gift of tears, walking us through the familiar story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11), to focus on the differences—again—of Mary and Martha. Both of these two said the same phrase to Jesus, “If You had been here, my brother would not have died,” but one said it from a heart touched by the pain, whereas the other was angry that Jesus had let him die.“Martha didn’t know what to do because she hadn’t sat long enough to hear His word,” Corey said. “Every time we see Mary, she’s at His feet. It’s not about having the right words or formula, but sitting long enough to . . . where your deep cries out to His deep and pulls something holy out of His heart.”This storm of tears, when Jesus wept, released the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection as Mary partnered with Him to feel the pain and cry out for a breakthrough, explained Corey. “I believe God is releasing the gift of tears to the Body of Christ. Who wants it?” he asked.As the altar filled, Allen Hood joined Corey to confirm that God wants people who will “feel [the pain]. Weep. Groan. Ask for [Jesus], wrestle with [Him], contend with [Him] for the breakthrough. When everything looks gone, will you wrestle with [Him]? Will you not just concede to the time or to your theology? Will you lay hold of [His] heart?”“Instead of ‘fix it, fix it, fix it,’ God is saying, ‘feel it, feel it, feel it,’” Allen said. “Feel it, and take it to Him, the One who weeps with you. You wanted to avoid death. Jesus wanted to take you through it and bring forth the resurrection.”The altar stayed full, and ministry continued well after the "official" 5pm ending time.


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  • Something New
    Something New  7 months ago +24

    Alisha Powell - 20 years of faithfulness, serving in house of the Lord night after night. It's beautiful and so moving, people have no idea how hard it is to follow this calling of being an intercessory missionary and still she has said yes to persevere for 20 years! ❤️

  • Michelle Jerkovich
    Michelle Jerkovich  7 months ago +35

    Thank you Mike Bickle, Allen Hood, David, Fances Chan, Lou Ingle, all the worship teams, the sound & media folks and volunteers for doing what you do. We sure will miss Onething as being with 20,000 believers who are digging deep to know our Jesus has been Awesome! My family and I will forever be grateful for your obedience the New RESET and Transparencies this past week. Allen Hood nailed it. When God calls you to walk in your calling you cannot get out of it. We are pruning our hearts and reseting our minds on Jesus. Giving Him control of our mind, body and soul as we are partnering with Jesus and IHOP in the Reset and disciplining ourselves in prayer. Going back to the One Thing we Came to Jesus and fell In LOVE with Him is what we want!

  • Corey Henderson
    Corey Henderson  7 months ago +11

    Martha is saying Fix it Fix it Fix it. Jesus is saying Feel It Feel it Feel it. For we have been invited to share in the sufferings of Christ. May God deliver us from falsehood in this season and take us into His Holy Heart by the Power of the Spirit. Let the good thing you have wept and been broken over come forth in resurrection power.

  • Mikal Walcott
    Mikal Walcott  7 months ago +18

    The little yellow mark at about 1:18:00 is where extended worship and intercession ends (basically exactly what the prayer room is), and then announcements and some prayers, and Corey Russell begins at 1:26:00. He talks about how the Holy Spirit is highlighting John 11 in the prayer movement. Mary cries out "Lord, if you had been here, he wouldn't have died!" Prayer that's not all about demonstrating knowledge of theology like Martha's is ("I know that you are the resurrection and the life"), but rather, just raw and sincere emotion. He talks about a kind of prayer that's beyond prayer, a total despair and lack of understanding and yet still filled with faith. Not hiding behind theology or practices of confession, as good as those are. Martha is saying to Jesus "fix it fix it fix it" but Jesus is trying to communicate "feel it feel it feel it", before he intervenes. This is one of the two proper "sermons" in the entire conference. At 2:12:10 Allen Hood releases an altar call to "feel it, weep, and groan" and then everyone goes to the altar for tears and travailing. More worship comes in towards the end too

  • Heather Northrop
    Heather Northrop  7 months ago +12

    Best 4 days of my walk. I’m a YWAMer(on break while kids get schooled in KC) seen God move in the nations and walked towards the fullness for decades. Onething2018 was special, people practiced their gifts everywhere!! Freedom through repentance!!! Wow, huge shift for me. I could not pray for my husband before, now I do. It’s crazy, I got a new 💜

  • Caulkbuttes
    Caulkbuttes  6 months ago +3

    This dude is not only a powerful talented singer, but an anointed man of God; unbeatable combination. Protect and bless him, O YHWH of Hosts..

  • myishy
    myishy  7 months ago +8

    Thank you Alicia! 🙌🏻❤️

  • Qian Sun
    Qian Sun  7 months ago +6

    May God's Words spread to the pole of the earth! Amen!

  • The Prayers of JV & Nugget

    Praise God. Best OneThing!

  • SA Tabernacle With David Lee Brown

    Thank you!! It was a blessing to be there with y’all.

  • Sebe Dlamini
    Sebe Dlamini  7 months ago +10

    Im repeating this was totally awesome. God bless you Saints

  • Elizabeth Kendall
    Elizabeth Kendall  7 months ago +2

    Thanks, guys, for putting this up. I always enjoy IHOP in my morning while I do my daily devotions with my baby. Rock on for Jesus, guys.

  • Abraham Ben David.
    Abraham Ben David.  7 months ago +6

    Holy Spirit met us here.

  • Atithan Sinlapapriwan

    God bless iHOP- from Thailand!

  • VLicious8704
    VLicious8704  7 months ago +2

    1:50:20 "So many Christians, we live in the swirl of circumstances. And God's bringing us back to PRIESTLY WAITING." oof, that was awesome.

  • Tian Loedolff
    Tian Loedolff  7 months ago +2

    Well done Alichia! Great rewards in store for you...!

  • Tempo Livre
    Tempo Livre  7 months ago

    When everyone is CRYING OUT LOUD
    Watching this at work and just wanna run home and cry to the Lord 😭😭😭

  • Glory to the Most High
    Glory to the Most High  6 months ago +1

    Why does the preacher from time to time with his left hand the sign of the devil.
    Didn' t he feel that he was doing this sign?
    Please pay attention!

  • Boby Haryanto
    Boby Haryanto  7 months ago +2

    Thank you for uploading the onething2018! Love you IHOPKC #foreveronething