Alone with myself / lofi hip hop mix

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 20, 2018
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  • Dreamy  6 months ago

    Thanks for staying with me. I couldn't have done it without you. 65 patrons / 116 692 subscribers.Lots of hugs for everyone 🖤

  • brownie  2 days ago

    This was the first music I saw on your channel, then I subscribed! You're talented, Dreamy!

  • Meshak Thang  9 days ago

    i luv your music please make more. (sending hug)

  • Spencer Armstrong  4 months ago

    i like being alone, i just don't like being lonely.

  • _ Majom18  10 hours ago

    same :D

  • Muhd Syahir  yesterday

    Introvert will understand this

  • 「 . 」  5 months ago

    The society teach us that we have to be with friends or family almost all the time, surrounded by people or we are losers, but it's no true.Being alone is not a bad thing, you're not alone, you're with yourself, the person who has been with you all your life, who knows how hard you try everyday, the one who is with you when you cry at nights... Instead of feeling like scum when you're alone with yourself, you should try to find where does that horrible and self-destructive feeling comes from, and fi...

  • FinTheHuman  13 hours ago

    @kirito kazuma dude you dont even know how much I related to this in 8th grade. I walked everywhere alone, my previous best friend started hanging out with another person so I didn't really have anyone to talk to. I used to cry really frequently and I now refer to that period as the Great Depression because I just had no incentive to do anything and I was so lonely. Most holidays, I didn't have anywhere to go and used to look on social media with people in my grade out with their friends. Tbh it gets b...

  • That just makes me more mad about being alone, I have so many things but nobody to share it with but myself. That's boring and stupid.

  • Quineta Tucker  5 months ago

    *depression has entered the chat*

  • Ajax Rain  19 days ago


  • Dany Beast  1 months ago

    Marijuana has joined your chat.

  • Jennifer Rso  5 months ago

    If you listen to this alone outside walkin at night it feels amazing

  • ITZ DORITO  2 days ago

    Finally found people like me❤

  • Eck0  5 days ago

    I Would Listen To This On A Bike Ride.

  • ᄋ:  5 months ago

    For the nights when even breathing becomes a conscious effort

  • Aech notEach  29 days ago


  • Pugglen  1 months ago

    @Ground Zero As a lifetime asthmatic I can say breathing is still perfectly automated, even while my asthma is mildly irritated. It just feels constricted.

  • XERR  3 months ago

    "Monsters don't hide under your bed" They scream inside your head

  • XERR  4 days ago

    @Chris Mhm..

  • Chris  6 days ago

    @XERR jumping straight to homophobia I see...

  • Verxyrias  5 months ago

    Thank you for not putting a million ads. Defeats the purpose of a chill playlist. Love it

  • RynnWing •  28 days ago

    @Sebastian Porreca that went from 0 to a 100

  • Johanna Crispano  2 months ago

    how did you heart react that on here? hubbba, hubba.

  • Lyssa Elite  6 months ago

    Hugs for the lonely. 💞

  • Thank you.

  • Defense 100  14 days ago

    Sending 100000000000000 hugs to all of you. we all need a hug

  • sophia  13 days ago

    hey stranger,hope you're having a great day!love,the person who wrote this comment :)