Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • Last round, my efforts to recreate the fabled McDonald's Szechuan Sauce were wild, flailing shots in the dark, pathetic and meager attempts to recreate a long-lost condiment out of scanty information and back-alley sources. But now, thanks to a very kind man named David Wasman, I have procured a sample of the genuine article. Follow along this week as we make a rendition of Szechuan Sauce near-identical to the Mulan-inspired goop from 1998. And make some wannabe Chicken McNuggets while we're at it.Special thanks to David Wasman for the sauce sample - you can buy the rest of it here at his ebay listing: my first cookbook, Eat What You Watch: A Cleverly-Titled Romp Through the Fanciful Fêtes of Fiction! Really it's just called Eat What You Watch, but I totally should have called it that instead.Amazon: & Noble: "Juparo" by Broke for Free to make cookie cutters: support Binging with Babish! Check out my Patreon at - you can get access to bonus videos, special content, and even a custom episode if you give me enough sweet sweet money! With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Cali AirmanB17  1 years ago

    Make a video on how you roll up you sleeves so perfectly.

  • Matija Rasovic  8 days ago

    @Les Peabody fucks sake thanks for that

  • Lauren Pinkie Pie  9 days ago

    Oml they're so perfect I thought he was wearing short sleves

  • Uriah Siner  1 years ago

    Wait. Nuggets are supposed to be specific shapes..?

  • DogeisCut  5 days ago

    i always eat the toes of the boot when i find a boot

  • @Elizabeth Meyers you can all so make ronald mcdonald out of them

  • Matthew Smith  8 days ago

    Is anyone here from Super Carlin Brothers? No, ok

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    Hey brother

  • Nuur Salsabilaa  3 months ago

    Came back to this video after watching Being With Babish. I’m crying.

  • Johnny Gray  23 days ago

    @Kerynn Lofgren No worries love

  • Kerynn Lofgren  23 days ago

    @Johnny Gray thank you!

  • mqno a rák  1 years ago

    at least 300 iq to eat itrick and morty iq to make it

  • Theo ro  19 days ago

    reload1995 this ain’t Pandora my dude

  • 84' Quattro  1 months ago

    The fact that someone here play roblox and they are getting triggered by this meme is just too much

  • AND WE DANCE. VLOGS  1 years ago

    The fact that someone in this world, who won that contest, sent you this.. Proves how powerful and how amazing the internet is 😮💥💀

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  • Corey  3 months ago

    @Kian Kian you were absolutely wrong, looks like you're the fucked up twat after all. A post-coital labia, if you will. What I'm saying is, you suck.

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  • DarkISO25  23 hours ago

    Braeburned pic, a man of culture I see

  • Metehan Tosun  28 days ago

    No he teleports to u

  • Ho Mo  1 years ago

    10 for 5¢...That would end world hunger wouldn't it

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  • why do I exist?  1 months ago

    Iceberg Titan-Sinker eh I prefer mine pure

  • PointAndPurpose  3 months ago

    who's here after the being with babish episode?

  • Beautiful Meeses  21 days ago

    @Isaac Graff oh, I thought it was a typo. It would be like commenting on a game theory video: who's here after game theory?

  • Walker Riley  3 months ago

    @rafael rios Go watch it. It's great, heartwarming, feels, etc. And they cook good food.

  • Dan Beattie  1 years ago

    White Meat Uprising...*vietnam flashback*