Seeing Through Selenite

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
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  • Sandwichy
    Sandwichy  a years ago +9669

    Michael, an intellectual: "You probably shouldn't inhale this"
    Also Michael: "I wonder if I can eat this"

  • Rahmon
    Rahmon  11 months ago +1788

    beginning of the video: explaining how images are formed in our retinas.
    end of the video: *licking selenite*

  • CommanderTurtle
    CommanderTurtle  11 months ago +2067

    Michael forgot the login to vsauce and is now just trolling at this point...

  • Theo Dunlap
    Theo Dunlap  11 months ago +768

    "A for bottom" hurt me physically

  • Mateus DMT
    Mateus DMT  11 months ago +537

    Licking is most pure and genuine manifestation of curiosity. Licking is awesome. A like for licking bizarre stuff.

  • Wolf Bane
    Wolf Bane  11 months ago +777

    A = Bottom
    B = Top
    B should have been named Apex

  • Brandon Deleon899
    Brandon Deleon899  8 months ago +225

    "Your knowledge is more important than my health"

  • Christ chris
    Christ chris  6 months ago +52

    "This is how your eyes work"
    10 minutes later
    *licks table*
    "The table is salty"

  • Samil123456789 V2
    Samil123456789 V2  11 months ago +317

    In the Soviet Russia Selenite sees through you

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg  9 months ago +292

    A for Bottom. B for Top.

  • Victoria Sweetie
    Victoria Sweetie  11 months ago +160

    I have central vision loss due to my retina degenerating. This video makes me understand why objects far away I can't even see, because they are reflected towards the middle of my retina (the degenerating part). Thanks for the informative video!!

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna  11 months ago +760

    Top 10 anime crossover episodes

  • João Vítor Souza
    João Vítor Souza  11 months ago +99

    Guys, I don't know how to say this, but I think Michael is starting to go bald.

  • Jean-De-Foi
    Jean-De-Foi  a years ago +4830

    YouTuber Michael "hey VSauce" dies after Selenite overdose

  • Traf Cat
    Traf Cat  4 months ago +32

    "Point A for bottom"
    Michael, we're all convinced you're insane at this point.

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T  8 months ago +52

    i mean, this is a goldmine for vsauce out of context material, so can we really complain?

  • Alan Jesus A. Games
    Alan Jesus A. Games  11 months ago +89

    "it really tastes COLD" 11:19

  • Zyrus Smith
    Zyrus Smith  11 months ago +151

    How exactly is this something I can Do Online Now Guys?

  • Alexandros Markopoulos
    Alexandros Markopoulos  a years ago +1319

    Hey Michael just to remind you that you have a YouTube channel called Vsauce...
    Edit:Almost 1k likes???

  • LorenzoP Games
    LorenzoP Games  10 months ago +47

    Kevin from Vsauce2:
    Hey vsauce, michael is dead because of selenite overdose he died after the "Seeing Through Selenite" episode of DONG was uploaded