Seeing Through Selenite

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
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    Michael Stevens

    Edited by
    Jack Merline

    VFX outros by
    Eric Langlay

    Music by Jake Chudnow
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  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat  3 days ago

    Well actually, the reason why the perspective doesn’t change, is cuz it’s a long rock. It’s like a telescope. It would be more impressive if you could see things up close, but far away without a long rock attached to you.

  • John Mossbacher
    John Mossbacher  3 days ago

    I was hoping for B to be"Above"

  • Zedbags jr
    Zedbags jr  5 days ago

    I'm not tasting cold, I'm just losing heat on my tongue.

    So your tasting cold

  • personwhodumb
    personwhodumb  7 days ago

    someone should make a computer program that does that

  • Zachary Devan
    Zachary Devan  7 days ago

    This is the first time a reason for why things farther away are smaller makes sense.

  • Alekos the Κοράκι-άνθρωπος

    7:53 As someone who used Blender before, not at all

  • Cloud Time
    Cloud Time  14 days ago +1

    I wonder if he visited a school and questioned everyone and gave them a 10 minute lecture on how it is supposed to be explained

  • Some Nerd
    Some Nerd  14 days ago

    "It looks like if you inhaled this, you'd be in a lot of trouble." *inhales*

  • cheese curts man
    cheese curts man  14 days ago +1

    Plottwist, our brains dont flip the image, we see the flipped image

  • Hunter ross
    Hunter ross  14 days ago

    this is a really well done explanation of vision

  • ralphdoggie
    ralphdoggie  14 days ago

    A piece of selenite in direct contact with an image sensor (digital or film) would make an interesting camera.

  • Kyle Gillott
    Kyle Gillott  14 days ago

    Hey vsauce, Michael here. Today we are going to eat selenite

    NOMASAN  21 days ago

    if it has parallel fibers.... Could you cut it ... and it just falls apart along those fiber...lines?

    NOMASAN  21 days ago

    2050: Selenite hands!
    Watch with your hands, touch to see!

  • Oh No It Went Wrong

    i want to have a taste of s e l e n i t e

  • jonascreibou
    jonascreibou  21 days ago +1

    "b" for above and "a" for bottom

  • the air accumulator

    So the 90 degrees filter creates ortographic projection.

  • McMacoAppoStore
    McMacoAppoStore  21 days ago

    Sweaty Michael is Best Michael

  • Melody Baker
    Melody Baker  21 days ago

    Best crossover event

  • Blazingbuddy 42
    Blazingbuddy 42  21 days ago

    If we had multiple, stacked thin tubes the have light absorbing walls. This would act like selenite. Think of a similar set up to laminar flow but for light.