Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Unboxing the titanium Apple card... And a PSA about the walled garden. Beware.

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  • nailzius
    nailzius  7 hours ago

    "The borrower is slave to the lender"
    - Credit - the great global scam

  • Dark Rust
    Dark Rust  8 hours ago

    Imagine apple creating apple toilet it’s the secure way of pooping in a toilet and you can put it in your wallets how much you have pooped in a day week month or even a year no one can hack inside the new apple toilets starts are 10,000$

  • H. E. M.
    H. E. M.  12 hours ago

    I love how your videos fit all the way up to the notch. I wish every video was like yours. Some still look I’m watching it on an iPhone 8

  • Jazmin Bautista
    Jazmin Bautista  15 hours ago

    I agree, this card doesn't have any valuable benefits to the consumer. I think apple is testing out and eventually add value to getting their apple card.

  • Jun Hu
    Jun Hu  18 hours ago

    watching a credit card unboxing at 9am :)

  • Jie Ming Xie
    Jie Ming Xie  22 hours ago

    I like that he is honest saying “it’s gratuitous” 😂

  • Feroxing12
    Feroxing12  yesterday

    there is absolutely nothing special about this card. and the commercial saying its not by the bank, well, uhm, its just by the biggest scumbag financiak crisus bank Goldman &Sachs. i like apple devices and fanboys will buy it and apple will earn money on commissions from Goldmans but such card you can find easily elsewhere.

  • Guns & Gold
    Guns & Gold  yesterday

    Fuck is $6500 at 23.99.. I’ll pay it off every month

  • Skengman Adi
    Skengman Adi  yesterday

    0:34 j. Cole beat

  • Paul Green
    Paul Green  2 days ago

    You paid over 1000 bucks for a Samsung phone???? Lol.

  • Connor Quick
    Connor Quick  2 days ago +1

    Fun fact: if you buy any Samsung products with this card, apple will send a swat team to your house and then dox you!

  • Bryan McCauley
    Bryan McCauley  4 days ago

    $10,000 credit limit! I get a $550 credit limit raise in December for a grand total of $1050!!

  • Leife Francisco
    Leife Francisco  4 days ago

    I think it’s super cool you got 5.8 mil views by unboxing a credit card.

  • henrypedraza
    henrypedraza  4 days ago

    Just as I was about to ask you what kind of wallet you carry you show me the wallet lol thanks.

  • AdventureGami774
    AdventureGami774  5 days ago

    His balance tho

  • Aya
    Aya  5 days ago

    is it socially acceptable that i just binged watched almost every video for Marques .. totally love !!!

  • Silver Honda
    Silver Honda  5 days ago

    exactly, it’s a status symbol credit card. excellent video.

  • jcardboard
    jcardboard  5 days ago

    Blows my mind that this fancy credit catd isn't contactless. In the UK only bank cards for bankrupts and asylum seekers don't have contactless.

  • Orias X
    Orias X  5 days ago

    Look at that subtle off-white coloring.
    The tasteful thickness of it.
    Oh, my God. It even has a lasermark

  • Bosnian Aj
    Bosnian Aj  5 days ago

    I have it love it