The Real Reason Marvel Didn't Bring Back Snipes For Blade

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • After years away from theaters, the Blade franchise is coming back - but it has a new leading man. Why did Marvel decide to go with Mahershala Ali as its new Blade instead of sticking with Wesley Snipes? While we wait for the character's Phase 5 MCU revival, here's everything we know.

    By August of 2019, Wesley Snipes will be 57 years old. Granted, Snipes has aged well and we're willing to bet the guy who gave us the martial arts moves we saw in his many action flicks can still throw a mean kick. Also, age is meaning less and less these days when it comes to casting. Harrison Ford was 65 when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released in theaters, and even though he's now in his late 70s, he'll return to the role again in Indiana Jones 5. Not to mention the impressive advances in de-aging technology – something Marvel Studios has already used successfully a number of times to impressive results.

    But there are differences between those examples and the potential of casting Snipes as Blade - the most glaring issue being that Blade's part vampire. A 77-year-old can play Indiana Jones because Indy's human. In the first Blade film series, it's established Blade ages normally. But in the comics, while Blade isn't immortal like full vampires, he ages slower than humans. The new Blade films may be closer to the comics in this way. If so, having a 57-year-old half-vampire who looks like he's 57 doesn't work.

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