Binging with Babish: Clay-Roasted Thigh from Hannibal (feat. You Suck at Cooking)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • The history of eating one's fellow man is rich with culinary tradition and innovation, carried on in no small part by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In this pivotal scene, he gives a fellow killer a taste of his own medicine, so to speak - if, at the time, he had medicine in his bloodstream, because he's eating his own leg. So to speak. Celebrate Halloween in style with this traditional clay-baked entrée with a little help from FoodTube's favorite mystery man, You Suck at Cooking.

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  • Warren305
    Warren305  yesterday

    At least sear the guy first.

  • Cooper Wilkinson
    Cooper Wilkinson  3 days ago

    I hate that babish didn’t say undos on three-fundo

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat  3 days ago

    Omg I thought this sounded like you suck at cooking and then I saw who it featured

  • VLD _YT
    VLD _YT  4 days ago

    You suck at binging with Babish, yeah you totally suck

  • VLD _YT
    VLD _YT  4 days ago

    I like the fact that some scientist thought "How does human flesh taste like?" and went thru the trouble of getting to talk with a cannibal and ask them how does it taste

  • Nana nana BATMAN
    Nana nana BATMAN  4 days ago

    I thought the dried shitaki mushrooms were literal rocks

  • Sky star27
    Sky star27  7 days ago


  • FatalMLGpro 1
    FatalMLGpro 1  7 days ago


  • BloodRose Reaper
    BloodRose Reaper  7 days ago

    Serving such a fine meal but not allowing the guest to be the one who carve the first piece?
    How can a man as refined and sophisticated as Hannibal be so... monstrous?

  • Samuel Trencher
    Samuel Trencher  7 days ago

    I'm scared of that white meat.

  • Ethereal G.O.D
    Ethereal G.O.D  7 days ago

    Where is the best site where you can buy human meat?

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson  7 days ago

    Skyrim Honey Mead?

  • kalanaiokok
    kalanaiokok  7 days ago

    great job, disgusting

  • Morgan Millington

    What clay did the movie use?

  • Timothy Nguoi
    Timothy Nguoi  14 days ago

    Btw in Chinese culture, we cook chicken with this method, and it's call "the begger's chicken"(叫化雞)

  • Kry
    Kry  14 days ago

    Jesus, this video is now 2 years old. Long way

  • MissDynoFire
    MissDynoFire  14 days ago

    I didn't even look at the title, just at the video clip and I instantly knew from the aesthetic and the beautiful food plating that it was Hannibal Lector .

  • Lordofthecubes
    Lordofthecubes  14 days ago +2


    Hannibal: l e g g

  • dumpster fire 69
    dumpster fire 69  14 days ago +2

    Human is also suppoused to taste like veal....again from studies and definatly not personal experiance

  • SevenPandas
    SevenPandas  14 days ago

    I want MORE collabs with You Suck At Cooking