Binging with Babish: Clay-Roasted Thigh from Hannibal (feat. You Suck at Cooking)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • The history of eating one's fellow man is rich with culinary tradition and innovation, carried on in no small part by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In this pivotal scene, he gives a fellow killer a taste of his own medicine, so to speak - if, at the time, he had medicine in his bloodstream, because he's eating his own leg. So to speak. Celebrate Halloween in style with this traditional clay-baked entrée with a little help from FoodTube's favorite mystery man, You Suck at Cooking.My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!Amazon: & Noble: "Crumbs" by Broke for Free You Suck at Cooking With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • cheezit  1 years ago

    “we are cooking with not only human remains but with clay... now i’ve never cooked with clay before”

  • Senõr burrito  14 days ago


  • I_ smell_CHICKEN  15 days ago


  • SmittenKitten  1 years ago

    The last time I tried cooking some sweet human flesh, the guy kept screaming about the oven being "too warm" for his liking. What a baby.

  • Constant Chaos  18 days ago

    @Neal Dalton I agree he went too far

  • Constant Chaos  18 days ago

    @I'm Not What I Seem I just use angel trumpet pollen to lull them into an irreversible state of total compliance

  • dfgdfg  1 years ago

    *P E P P E R P E P P E R P E P P E R*

  • felipe otavio  yesterday


  • janda janda  2 days ago

    Do you even lift aroni and cheese

  • Achillez  1 years ago

    "The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted"-Hannibal Lector

  • C. ROXAS  23 days ago

    Actually, to all of you, "Lektor" is the surname given to Hannibal in the Film "Manhunter" that was inspired of "Red Dragon" but was not made quite official due to probably licenses and legal dooderoos.Spelling is correct so shut up

  • "The tragedy is not die eaten, but to be wasted" -Hannibal lecterThere is fix it.

  • Love the YouSuckAtCooking collab!

  • CJ R  16 days ago

    I was just revisiting this episode and was surprised I didn't remember the YouSuckAtCooking feature, but now I'm equally surprised to see Glen commented!

  • Constant Chaos  18 days ago

    Oh and now I know that all 3 of the food gods of YouTube watch each other, now we just need to see if emmie watches

  • Ruben Avila  1 years ago

    Thighs? Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

  • Rin Feast  10 days ago

    tony had to fucking die because of you

  • 🤝

  • mugensamurai  1 years ago

    Someone should costume as Babish on Halloween complete with the bald head, beard, apron, hipster denim shirt, printed tattoos, and watch.

  • Can’t forget about the arm hair

  • mugensamurai| for as second I thought that said consume

  • sobie  1 years ago

    When your meal is thicker than you will ever be. 😪😢

  • David Zhang  9 months ago

    Hold up, you did a Hannibal special without liver, fava beans, and Chianti????

  • Uh Oh Spaghetti-os  8 months ago

    @Darthane he was referring to the most iconic quote from lecter though. In the original movies it doesnt have the whole thigh cooking thing.

  • Darthane  9 months ago

    Ah! You only watched the first movie. Dr. Lecter cooked many parts of people over the course of the movies. I particularly liked when he was slicing a guy's brain out bit by bit, cooking it, and serving it right back to him.

  • Tissue Cube  1 years ago

    Oooh. As a small suggestion and nothing to take serious...since this is a Hannibal thing, how about a Sweeney Todd: Ms. Lovett's meat pie? *^*Your work is amazing and I love to look out for your videos! Cheers!

  • Thunderer18  4 months ago

    Hel I'll take it seriously, I'd watch it.