The Country That Used to Exist Between the US and Canada

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • ECSP
    ECSP  2 days ago

    New andorra

  • Norvik_1602
    Norvik_1602  14 days ago

    Somewhat misleading. The Indian Stream 'nation' was to exist until 'we can ascertain to what government we properly belong'. That is a direct quote from their constitution. The whole thing was viewed as an embarrassment by both the US and UK governments, anxious not to allow this sort of petty dispute to start a war. Land officially changed hands or was confirmed in both directions, not just towards the USA. Webster-Ashburton treaty, 1842. Prime Minister Peel and Foreign Secretary Lord Aberdeen.

  • Glen Baker
    Glen Baker  14 days ago

    Why are there so many Paris tre,s.

  • Jeff Sanders
    Jeff Sanders  14 days ago

    We fought our revolution to end Texas and now we have so many faces we have to hire lawyers just so we can pay them correctly and not break the law by accident

  • Jumin Rhee
    Jumin Rhee  14 days ago

    A bunch of small countries in a defence pact like NATO would be good. Why did every territory want to be part of US? have they no national pride?

    Wonder how a bunch of city-states in a defence and cultural pact (Commonwealth of Nations + NATO) would fare. New York, boston, San Antonio, etc...No nation, no states. 5 miles outside land borders would be exclusive economic zone (closest city-state could have for farming, mining, lumber, etc) and 6+ miles as international land (similar to how we do water borders).

  • Captain John
    Captain John  21 days ago

    Slow down guy take a breath, gez..

  • Lemon Le
    Lemon Le  21 days ago

    Half as interesting is just him uploading TWL on another channel

  • EriqEsoteriq
    EriqEsoteriq  21 days ago

    Just Havin Fun 🤙🏾 Underground Hip-Hop

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes  21 days ago

    Was the 1842 treaty signed in Paris?

  • Gerlie Villanea
    Gerlie Villanea  21 days ago

    No one mentions 1898 treaty of paris

  • Joshua Marshall
    Joshua Marshall  21 days ago

    Yeah but Canada served that "L" Back to you in 1812

  • littleteethkeith
    littleteethkeith  21 days ago +2

    Their name sucked and in my opinion that’s why they didn’t make it.

  • quasimobius
    quasimobius  21 days ago

    Moosylvania !

  • flaming storm98
    flaming storm98  21 days ago

    Well thanks for ruining my day with the 6 year 8 month war

  • Alleyes
    Alleyes  21 days ago

    The country that used to exist between the US and Canada? You mean Vermont?

  • beff jaker
    beff jaker  21 days ago

    How do we lose a war to 20 dudes?

  • George Fares
    George Fares  28 days ago

    I want Alaska to be a country or join Canada

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones  28 days ago

    And from then on, they were subject to US conscription laws, rather than British/Canadian. The stupidity of humans with regards to politics (Brexit springs to mind) never ceases to amaze me.

  • Science 2020
    Science 2020  28 days ago +1

    Belongs to Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  • terry waller
    terry waller  28 days ago +1

    Paris has always been a popular place to negotiate treaties because it's Paris and has French Women and Wine.