The Country That Used to Exist Between the US and Canada

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • J Shepard
    J Shepard  an hour ago

    That's nothing. When I was nine I declared my independence from the United States and took possession of ten acres behind my parents' house. My country had parks, roads, a fort, and a part time militia, on days I wasn't busy with school or cub scouts. We were never successfully invaded, but our population was stagnant (two citizens) so we lacked a tie breaker... that, and Taco Bell.

  • Dave
    Dave  14 hours ago

    Wow 3:51 @squarespace is this how you want to be represented?

  • Michael Pallada
    Michael Pallada  21 hours ago

    3:03 Did this actually say "goeiuhmogge kerels?" That's awesome! How the hell did you come up with that and not the formal proper: Goedemorgen heren?

  • MythologyandRelegionIknow OSkyBlivionRim

    Oh thought this was going to be about vermont.

  • Mr VNGaming
    Mr VNGaming  23 hours ago

    So if the Republic of Indian Stream exist until today, would they be called Indian Streamers? Because that would be hilarious

  • makaan1932
    makaan1932  yesterday

    America took land by force? Oh no, who would have thought that?!

  • jon 0
    jon 0  yesterday

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Julian R
    Julian R  yesterday

    Goeiemogge kerels what the fuck xD

  • manuel stupu
    manuel stupu  2 days ago

    "Recreational fighting" nearly piss myself....

  • Amelia Hilborn
    Amelia Hilborn  2 days ago

    wtf learn ur history first? This is so flawed it doesnt even make a good listen at 4 am in the morning.

  • Jude Keirt J
    Jude Keirt J  2 days ago

    Why would Paris have a lot of treaties though?

  • Jogon
    Jogon  3 days ago

    The US "Never fighting with anyone again"... Smell the irony!

  • Zappa Woman
    Zappa Woman  3 days ago

    "They were having none of it" - don't you mean Nunavut?

  • Sean The fish keeper

    Ayeeeee I live in New Hampshire

  • Just Pathetic
    Just Pathetic  6 days ago

    Isn't Canada a state though?

  • emistery
    emistery  14 days ago

    "Goeiuhmogge kerels"

  • Hammerguy 1232
    Hammerguy 1232  14 days ago

    Wendover productions is the more serious version of half as interesting

  • Spebby
    Spebby  17 days ago

    when you raise taxes so you can get out of debt because you fought a war to defend the colonies that your taxing.

  • William Krause
    William Krause  20 days ago

    Very flippant and goofy tone. Don't get it, don't like it.

  • Anthony Guzzi
    Anthony Guzzi  22 days ago

    I just searched for Indian Stream in Google Maps, and it found an actual stream and a road in New Hampshire not far from the Canada Border, in the same place as mentioned in this video.