Beautiful Relaxing Music with No Loops - Stunning Nature & Calm Music

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Beautiful relaxing music with no loops (track list below) in a huge collection of calm music & stunning nature videos by Soothing Relaxation. In this mix you will hear native American flutes, piano, cello, violin, guitar, harp, deep synths, nature sounds and more. Enjoy! :) Listen to more ►

    Track list (all music by Peder B. Helland):
    0:00 - The Eagle
    6:19 - Dance of Life
    11:44 - I Miss You
    17:04 - Forest Whisper
    23:42 - Always
    30:20 - Feelings
    38:14 - Beautiful Day
    48:03 - Our Future [Instrumental]
    56:20 - Always [Instrumental]
    1:03:05 - Japanese Garden
    1:09:23 - The Sea
    1:15:44 - Flying
    1:25:47 - Sunny Mornings
    1:35:56 - The Old Tree
    1:41:19 - Rose Petals
    1:48:12 - Happy Times
    1:59:40 - Together
    2:05:42 - The Small Pond
    2:12:44 - Autumn Colors
    2:18:33 - Blue Night
    2:25:13 - Our Journey
    2:32:00 - Rainy Night
    2:40:52 - You & Me
    2:48:06 - Our Future [Piano Version]
    2:56:36 - A New Day

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    Music by Peder B. Helland.
    Stock media provided by Pond5 and VideoBlocks. You can find some of these clips in this collection on Pond5: (affiliate link)

    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. All your warm support really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!

    ~Peder B. Helland

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  • Soothing Relaxation
    Soothing Relaxation  a years ago +155

    From where are you listening? :)

  • Ole Holmsgaard
    Ole Holmsgaard  3 hours ago

    Love the soothing scenery, beautiful gentle music, lulls me to inner peace!

  • Paweł Kieszczyński

    It is very nice for my.Thanks from Poland 😀.Nature is beautiful....

  • paola paccagna
    paola paccagna  3 days ago

    thank you! I like all your music,loop or not loop...

  • Nicelee Morada
    Nicelee Morada  4 days ago

    Stunning sceneries and soothing, calming music! What a great companion for my quiet, meditative time. Thank you so much.

  • Candice Cattles
    Candice Cattles  6 days ago +3

    I'm listening in my mind flying eagle soaring through the sky looking at the land so beautiful the sun goes down beautiful golden landscape thank U l think l seen heaven in this video & the music is wonderful thank U

  • Beautiful Relaxing Music


  • V R
    V R  6 days ago +1

    whoever spent the many hours to film this..thankyou. it is stunning!


    Listening to this beautiful music that brings soothing effect on my melancholic and weary soul is a wonderful blessing at this very moment. Thanks a lot.

  • Chantal Blanchet
    Chantal Blanchet  7 days ago

    Formidable ! Encore, merci !

  • lenaoberg
    lenaoberg  7 days ago

    Wow, letade efter musik till min reiki session och fann detta.....helt underbar musik till healingen :)

  • Sabrina Saich
    Sabrina Saich  7 days ago


  • cecilia vera
    cecilia vera  7 days ago

    Gracias por tan bella música . Gracias por compartirla

  • Lisa Blackard
    Lisa Blackard  7 days ago +1

    love your music

  • Marina Maslova
    Marina Maslova  7 days ago


  • 정현수
    정현수  7 days ago

    아침마다 머리를 맑게하는 운율!! 감사합니다!

  • Nika Lat
    Nika Lat  14 days ago

    From Riga, Latvia

  • C G
    C G  14 days ago +2

    I love how you so perfectly blend the video scenes together so that you can barely tell where one ends and the other begins. Very well done! I have just lost my father a few days ago...your music is beautiful and soothing to the soul

  • M Taylor
    M Taylor  14 days ago

    I'm thinking of Jack and Rose Dawson.